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  1. I dont work around the doctors, i work at the office. I dont know any of the doctors, even if i did, i wouldnt ask because i'm embarassed. I'm going to make an appointment for another dermatologist in 2 week..
  2. About a 1/2 weeks ago, i started to develop minor itchy red bumbs on my face. I was not sure if it was acne or not, but it itched like hell. After 1 week, some of the bumps went down, but more came. The look like cystic bumps, but im not sure if it is. They dont come to head or pop. When they do "go away" they just dry out and dont itch as much. I'm really worried because it seem to be getting worse, night after night, more come up. They seem to be around my cheeks and jaw, one on my chin. I'm r
  3. To the OP, was your skin oily? Did it change after you changed your regimen?
  4. Here are some recommendations: - Burts bee Beeswax Lip Balm - Bath & Body Works SPF 15 Mentha Lip Balm Stick (No Shine Formula) Both works real well! If i were you, i would use one of thoes lip balms while your going out and use your current lip product when your at home.
  5. Oh because natural stuff DOESN'T break people out?What a crock. I know for a fact a lot of Alba moisturizers have pore clogging stuff in them too. Don't think just because something says natural that it's good for acne. If you want a decently reliable source of pore-clogging ingredients then go to this site: http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm Some people react different then what the website says,but it's a good starting point when searching for new products.
  6. All those things you listed are also breaking your face out. - Wash face with Purpose gentle cleanser - apply moisturizer, Eucerin Daily control moisturizer - apply concealer Leave your face alone -_-.. let it do what it is naturally meant to do. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to have somthing much better in the future. Ahh, I know! I'm making a list of things to change and what to use or not use. I'm going to start in 1-2 weeks when I got time Do you think its okay to
  7. I use Everyday Minerals Concealer. I re-apply when I blot my face which is once every 2-4 hours. I get extremely oily. Oil + Make Up = Breakouts. I tried to apply less, but after a while i go retouch, you can see everything so i apply more. I cannot stop using it! What can i do? Here is my morning face routine - - Wash face with Purpose gentle cleanser - apply moisturizer, Eucerin Daily control moisturizer - apply concealer
  8. Raplh by Raplh Lauren, smells freshhhh and Be Delicious by DKNY!
  9. She has an Ireland accent and she used to live in UK and i think now she llives in Hong Kong. Her videos are very touching! lol Are you talking about David "The Skin King"? His audio is werid, but he does give good info. Can you believe she had SEVERE acne before? Hard to believe if you asked me.
  10. Bubz, lol.. she is very inspiring. Have you ever tried any of her mask?
  11. acne - 5 blackheads - 3 redmarks - 5 redness/discoloration - 8 scars - 6 2- how emotional u are? (9) 3- are u bipolar (mood swings from one to total opposite in short time)? (rate its severity as well) (somewhat) 4- do u get depressed oftenly? (yes, when i look in the mirror or think about acne; which is 24/7) 5- are u depressed right now? (yes, disgusted by my acne and want to cry) 6- at most of time how bad your depression is? (rateit!) (7) 7- are u stressed oftenly? (yes, and its b/
  12. I like your attitude, goodluck! But for me, it's easier said than done.
  13. Woww, i just looked it up on youtube and the reviews were great. I want to try the small bottle :P How well does it help with oil? Can you rate it 1-5? Hehe.. It kinda seem like a miracle in a bottle. Thank you for reccommending it!!