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  1. Heyy, i've jsut deleted the last comment u wrote to me appologies for that, i was trying to read the rest of the msg and i clicked the little orange button and it deleted it :-( But yes, it has controlled my life i can't live like this anymore. I still have 2 months left of accutane, tbh it is better but still a way 2 go yet, and i have just been put on metformin to help with my PCOS so fi

  2. Yea i know what u mean, i don't go out either, i don't work or go out the house at all. It really does knock ur confidence badly doesn't it, other people who don't understand think it's no big deal but it really is. Yea the roaccutane shud have results around the 3rd month but im on my 4th month and no difference at all, and i dont think there will be any at the end of the cour

  3. Hey there! Not sure how long it is supposed to take - I look at some of the people's photo galleries etc on here and some seem to take a year or more until they see any real improvement but oh god I cannot wait that long! If you're anything like me it really knocks your confidence, I've stopped wanting to go on nights out into towns with my friends because of it :-( What is

  4. Hah, great! I love those days..just doing nothing at all. taking it easy being completely chillaxxed. ah..Yeah..okay where was I? Oh yeah..reality.

    Not a problem. speak whenever you feel like it ;) have a Super day! Tc now.

  5. Ohh i'm sorry to hear that, how long is it normally when you should start to see results? Really hope it changes and works for you. No i'm taking roaccutane on my 4th month but it's not going well unfort because of my hormone problems so i really don't know what to do.x

  6. I'm the same - I want results and I want them now! Been doing the regimen for a fair few weeks now and I've seen a slight improvement, in that some existing acne is starting to dry out but I'm still getting new acne!! Grrrr!! Are you doing the regimen?

  7. Hi Kyle, i don't know when you posted this lol so have you managed to get on accutane yet? I'm on my 4th month on 60mg a day. As for the blackheads, i'm not sure i could help you on that 1, i have had a couple of blackheads while taking roac, they have been very deep in the skin, but i have noticed they just come and visit me for a couple days then leave lol so i don;t think they would leave scars but every1's skin is different i guess
  8. Hey, i have the same problem, i'm on roaccutane aswell and it is very hard to find a decent foundation. I have started to use one that i got from boots, it doesn't look cakey on the skin even though it gives you good coverage, and it's a mineral make up so it doesn't clog up your skin and i've found it definatly helps with my breakouts, It's by Mabelline, and it's called PURE.LIQUID MINERAL. You may not like it, but just an offer ) I hope you find something, good luck x
  9. Hellooo, ur welcome for the add :-) I hope all is well with you, i'm tired today and just lazing around lol!!x

  10. Oh really how cool!! I guess it's going okish, but not so good on the other hand :-( I guess just trying to be patient, u know how it is lol. I hope everything is going ok for you??

  11. Hey! I see you're from Warrington, I work not far from there and live in Manchester :o) Good luck on getting your skin sorted. It's why we're all here after all!

  12. Thanks a ton for the add ;)

    How's your evening going?

    Have a great night ahead ofg you, it's Early yet! =P


  13. I know exactly how u feel, it's horrible and it really does ruin your life doesn't it. I've been hiding away now for nearly 4 years, i won't work i don't go out i haven't had a relationship for nearly 2 years, i even avoid my family, i know they love me for who i am and don't care about my skin but i'm too paranoid to want to be around anyone....anyway i'll keep it short i really hope it all works out for you
  14. I agree with what you say here, keep believing and never give up )