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  1. Are you sure that you're not having bloody noses at night, and those scabs are really just dried blood? If not, I think the only thing to do, is go to a doctor. Good luck!
  2. I just looked in the mirror today and saw two tiny white-heads right under my eye! This is the first time in 3 years of having ance. Does it mean anything bad?
  3. Does it have any 'aha' in it? I ask this because my skin is to sensitive for that.
  4. I have been on the regimen for one year (applying bp day and night) but I only started peeling when I started using Dans BP gel. I think this is because I use alot more (two bottles a month). Using less is not an option because it is the only thing that keeps me completely clear.
  5. Any recomendations of other msg boards that you guys go to? Or some place to get help on various products?
  6. Right now I'm using the Nuetrogena moisturizer and I still peel like crazy. I use alot of bp gel so I need a strong moisturizer. Any tips?
  7. I have read that using a aha (alpha hydroxy acid) lotion such as Eucurin, which is both a "aha" and moisturizer, can help reduce the amount of peeling. Theres information about it on dan's website where he lists the products to buy for the regimen.
  8. I have been on the regimen for about a year and I've had mixed results. My skin turns very red and peels alot. Well about a week ago I looked at the three step videos again and realized that I wasn't rubbing in the bp. I started doing that and all I can say is wow! My skin looks much clearer, because my hyperpigmentations don't looked inflamed; they have drastically lightened. I just wanted to reiterate Dan's point; that it is essential to follow his steps completely, to achieve maximum
  9. I thought research said that pores do not actually open or close.
  10. I've been using bp for a year now and I just bought the neutrogena aha product on accident (instead of the eucirin). Is it still good? And can I put it on over Dan's awesome bp gel? If so, how often? Thanks.
  11. What do you use to shave? I ask this because they may be caused by shaving. The best way to shave is to get an eletric shaver, with the shaving gel and use that. My dermatologist told me that.
  12. My dermatologist said food does not cause acne in anyway.
  13. How are you selling them? Do you know what stores will have them on stock?