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  1. So I was prescribed Accutane in May of 2012. My skin has been clear from July 2012 onwards until... a week ago. One cystic pimple appeared on my forehead and another on my cheek. This happened a few days before my period. Mind you, since being on Accutane I have never had outbreaks near my period. Has the Accutane stopped working after 8 months? What do I do now?
  2. i feel just like running to you and giving you a hug.i know how it feels to have acne so bad you avoid mirrors because you're scared of what you see.i know people will look at you differently,like you have a cancer or HIV or something just because you have acne.everybody gets acne.some people have already passed that stage,some people get it in places that are not prominent,and some people will get it in the future.acne will pass,i know it will.i think you should definitely go see a psychologist
  3. hmm..october?november was a little better to me too.this month...not so much.
  4. What Gender Are You:Female What Gender Are You Interested In (relationshipwise):Male If a person with a nice personality of that gender showed an interest in you, but had acne, what would be your reaction, explain your answer: Honestly i never even realised that my exes had acne until i myself had acne.It made me realise that i date boys for their personality,not their looks,and if they had acne then so be it.although the boys i dated only had mild acne,not full-blown,severe acne.but still.if a
  5. it's quite severe.i agree with the person above,go see a dermatologist.don't start any clean and clear or neutrogena or oxy or anything on your skin.consult a dermo,and find out what's best for your skin.
  6. i just got a blood test done,and some other lab tests to figure out what's wrong with me. well it turns out i do have hormonal imbalance.I can't be on any more antibiotics because it seem every time i finish one,a month later i get a major breakout.I mentioned fungal folliculitis to her,we did a test for it,and it's a negative. my derm said she might put me on Yazmin soon.I am quite scared of the side effects though (depression,fatigue,weight gain,thinning of hair).I just hope and pray to God
  7. i'm pretty sure it's hormonal now.my antibiotics are finished,and the breakout is INSANE. one after the other..why God why.. my stupid derm said i shouldn't go on Yazmin because i'm already pretty.What.The.Hell.bitch please all this acne is not making me feel pretty.i need the pills JUST GIVE ME THE PILLS.she said i might be messing up my hormones too since i'm still young.HELLOOOOOOO my hormones are already messed up.if my hormones are not messed up would i get acne everywhere? NO. honestly i
  8. i don't know what the hell is going on,but i want it to stop. around june this year,i had a huge breakout,and i went to the dermatologist.got some antibiotics and topicals.by september i was clear (but i still had scars) anyways,around october,i noticed,it came back.my acne came back at places i didnt even think it was possible to have acne!my face,my back,my arms,my legs,my stomach,and other inappropriate areas. what the hell. i went to a doctor and he prescribed me Doxycycline.it's been a
  9. do you like in a cold country?i live in a hot country and trust me,i get lots more sun than necessary.HAHA but when i travel to a cold country,my skin in absolutely AMAZING for at least a week.so i guess the change of climate makes your skin kinda....happy? i dont know,haha just a theory.
  10. if you're talking bout wearing a thick jumper during hot days,yes it can cause body acne.hoodies,on the other hand,are more prone to be on your hair and face.so just make sure you dont re-wear hoodies,keep them clean,and keep them away from your face!
  11. i wouldn't say my acne has gone on since forever,but even a few months with acne is devastating...right? so i went to the dermatologist,got prescription medications and topicals.my acne got worse and my mom told me to "wait it out".well i went hella ballistic when she said that coz acne ain't pretty.i dont want it to stay on my face for a second,let alone months! so my dad,being awesome as he is,decided he would help me with my acne,he bought me lots of acne-solution stuff.and after trying loa
  12. aww haha okay sorry.fine then.

  13. lol but your username says you like me:(

  14. eh?i dont know you that well.hahaha