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  1. Keep on with the Regimen. Some people are really oily in the section you've pinpointed. You happen to be and thus that's one area where you have acne problems. It's not about the oil settling there, it's simply where you have more produced, most likely. but the pattern of the acne is strong evidence its the oil running down from my nose.....is there something else i can do other than putting more BP around my mouth area?
  2. Hi guys. I have been using Regimen and Max Clarity and have cleared my face up tremendously. However, right now it seems I am getting pimples from the oil (and other stuff?) streaming down my face from my Forehead to my Mouth (down the sides of my nose). I am getting pimples in a line around my mouth. Example: Oil trail and where pimples are in a line. (Disclaimer: NOT MY PICTURE) I have oily skin and I suspect I am getting pimples near my mouth because that is where the oil eventually settl
  3. rgr555

    Moisturizes very well. Dries fast. Matte finish. Doesn't smell bad. Yellow makes it look exclusive. Two pumps really needed or is Dan just extorting us? White streaking before drying can be intimidating at first. Price is too expensive for a month supply. Best face moisturizer I ever used. Much better than the old oily one.
  4. Max Clarity is the real deal! My acne is moderate, I get white heads every now and then and some pimples. My face cleared up a bit and skin tone much brighter after 2 weeks. I've used acne.org's "The Regimen" but think Max Clarity is superior. My face cleared up much quicker and 4x easier to apply (I think rubbing your face with the benzyl peroxide for 15 minutes is ridiculous) with the foam "technology". Max Clarity + Dan's New Moisturizer = the Ultimate Regimen in my opinion..
  5. I'm just wondering why Dan isn't adding sun screen protection in his new moisturizer being released later this month. Are people that are using Dan's Moisturizer putting an additional layer of sun screen on top? How important is SPF protection? I am wondering if I should buy his new moisturizer even though it doesn't have SPF.... what do you guys think?