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    Parties, Night Clubs, Events, etc. TERRIBLE for my skin.<br /><br />Makeup...I love it so much. If only I could wear something other than bare-bones powder foundation.<br /><br />Plastic Surgery<br /><br />Researching skin/skincare/plastic surgery...I research about 4-5 hours a day. I suppose that's a lot for someone who STILL has skin problems.

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  1. Hi! I am genetically male and I'm taking spiro for reasons other than my skin. I've been taking it for about two weeks. I did get a tiny initial breakout, but I'm suffering from zero additional side effects (not even increased urination?) and literally yesterday I noticed my skin is half as oily. As in, the day before, my makeup would run, and yesterday I fell asleep in my face and woke up to perfect foundation. I'm shocked. And ecstatic. I'm taking 50 mg twice a day. My doctor wants me on 200 t
  2. Hi! So glad to see such a recent post on this topic. Disappointed I'm the first to comment though! Anyway, my sex is male (gender...not) and I started 100 mg of spiro a week ago. So far my skin has remained constant except for a small cyst on my jawline. I haven't even noticed the diuretic effect. I'm hoping this small cyst isn't a warning sign of an initial breakout to come...do genetic males get initial breakouts?
  3. Hi! My name is Robin. I'm 18 years old, and anatomically male. I'll be starting my modified MtF hormonal transition, sans estrogen, very shortly. I asked my doctor for both spiro and dutasteride, especially because my skin is SO oily, but I've read many reports that dutasteride and other 5-alpha reductase inhibitors ironically cause an exacerbation of acne. Can anyone shed some light on this? I have no problems with thinning hair, so the dutasteride really isn't necessary except if it will have
  4. No offense, but...she's really f*cking stupid. And you're not! That's the best part. There are SO MANY unintelligent people wasting oxygen on this planet. It's amazing. And truth: I do believe that one's intelligence quotient has a direct correlation with one's emotional quotient. The stupider someone is, the less caring they are, at least in this case. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this crap, and even sorrier that you have to help this person extend their life via medication. I've been in
  5. I'm thinking of buying the britebox dermaclear, has anyone had success with it?
  6. Do you notice any difference between pre- and post-accutane acne? Is your acne of a different nature now? I mean that's a really high dose. If accutane didn't help your acne maybe what you're experiencing isn't actually acne. My skin is extremely sensitive to shaving, so much so that if i so much as shave one hair against the grain, I get a pimple-like eruption that's actually foliculitis. I know it's shaving because I only break out where I shave. Could this be your case as well? If not shaving
  7. So I've finally been prescribed Accutane. My mom owns a few makeup stores, and she hired a plastic surgeon (who is INSANELY attractive for a 40-year-old...obviously not natural) to do botox and injectable fillers for her clients. So naturally I'm able to speak to him about who's a good doctor, who'll prescribe me Accutane, etc. He suggested I see his friend down in TriBeCa...I think it helped that this doctor is gay because he seemed to like and understand my overwhelming desire to be beautiful.
  8. Totally, Joey. Except I don't want ANY hair lol. But I can definitely see the appeal in a perfectly, permanently styled beard. I would want to do that with my eyebrows...but that's a lot harder to get right, I think. My mom owns the laser so it would be free for me but I'm starting Accutane now so alas I must wait.
  9. WOW you're so pretty (sorry, just randomly looked at your pictures. you're really pretty!!)
  10. To wowacne: NOTHING has helped my oily skin. Powder temporarily reduces shine but not many guys are into that. I'm giving up on a natural cure. I'm going on accutane...I'm asking for a low-dose, long-term prescription. It apparently only reduces oil while you're taking it, so....that'll be the rest of my life.
  11. I know a lot of people don't like Retin-A, but I honestly like what it does for my skin. And, if anything, it's definitely preventing me from forming wrinkles! I have tried beard trimmers before but I really can't even stand the sight of stubble. I really need it gone.
  12. Hi! I'm an 18-year-old male with hyperthyroidism. I mention the thyroid issue because I'm nearly positive it's what causes my rather oily skin. As of yet, there are no appealing treatments for hyperthyroidism, and NOTHING has altered my oil production, even in the slightest. I know that Accutane will reduce my oil, in your experience, how long does the oil reduction last, post-Accutane? I need to know if this is going to be a temporary, high-dose cure, or a long-term, low-dose maintenance drug.
  13. Hi! I'm an 18-year-old male with rather oily skin, large pores, acne, and non-Rosacea flushing. These conditions ONLY affect my face. Both of my parents had severe thyroid disease (mom: cancer, dad: thyroid no longer functions) and my own TSH level is at 0.25. I know this is hardly life-threatening, but it is hyperthyroidism. For years, my skin has been oily and slightly flushed (not my neck, or anywhere else). If I even so much as look down at the ground, my face fills with blood and swells sli
  14. I do not think I will retest the spearmint tea. I had my thyroid levels tested and my TSH is apparently rather low which would indicate hyperthyroidism...which often causes oily skin. This makes sense because my testosterone has actually always been low and I don't think it'd be good to lower it anymore. I wish it were as easy as drinking tea, though!