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  1. Because you dont see every hair of the billions that fall out through out the day
  2. Pinned: FAQ for Accutane Users Read it. And good luck!
  3. It doesnt really matter if oldcrow lost hair or not, because it doesnt mean you will or wont, everyone is different. also its a low chance to get hair thining, and even lower to actually lose alot that you can notice in a mirror
  4. It's weird with a lot of people with huge scarring but they dont pop them, and some people said they poped all through accutane and didnt get any scars after
  5. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Accutane-logs-f36.html You're posting in the wrong place. That's where accutane logs go.
  6. When you scar on accutane from poping the pimple, is it from the squeezing part that bruses the skin? or the little hole after just takes long to heal and scars? So if you squeeze and get a little hole thats about the size the scar would be, even if it does scar at all?
  7. I had mine 15+ plus, I went 8 years ago, but didnt take it, and now im on it, started little over 2 months ago, I kinda wish i went 8 years ago but, then again maybe its better to take it if your older and done with puberty
  8. Did you even bother to read the side effects at all? it says hair loss, temporary and can be perminent, along many other things, not common at all, but doesn't mean you cant get it.
  9. Lots of people 'start' to clear in or around their 5th month
  10. Sorry dont know about the pregnacy tests, but I bought 4 months in one shot, and my derm gave me lots of papers at one time for blood tests, so i don't have to visit him everyime, unless of course theres a problem with my test or I get some side effect so in order to get my second prescription, I do not need a blood test? Just a pregnancy test?
  11. You should really call your derm if you didnt already and tell him/her your problem first, but my guess is it's from rubbing when you move and your whole body gets dry so rashes and all come easy
  12. Your probably just dry and rashy on your man parts, just like other body parts, its common to get redness and rashes in weird places like wrists and hands. just need to moisturize often
  13. You dont really need a blood test every month, but it's safer to get blood work done 2 months in the course, then another at the end