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  1. Stand under the A/C. Works for me. Or use the cool option on a hair dryer if you have a cool-air button... Cuts the time in half.
  2. Red marks aren't horrible, I guess? They don't hurt. As long as I put on a good layer of bare minerals you can't see them too bad. I'm starting the apple cider vinegar routine twice a day before my BP. I got one little whitehead, but it's not a cyst at least, nor does it hurt. Hopefully it just gets better from here! And that sounds like Hopjack's! Two story building on Dauphin Street. Was it kinda small with an iron spiral staircase? That's about the only two-story place I can think of. It use
  3. Thanks! I'm going to call my dermatologist tomorrow to see what she recommends. But, as of this moment, I have ZERO pimples. It looks like I do, because of my red pigmentation. But the skin under the redness is smooth and it doesn't hurt. No cysts. No pain. No swelling. Nothing to hide other than my red marks which I've started treating with the apple cider vinegar mix. And thanks! Maybe you're talking about Hopjacks? It has great pizza and great drinks! Haha. There's also Hurricane Brewery but
  4. I started the regimen on May 31st, and am obviously about to start my 4th month. The entire time, using Cetaphil daily cleanser, Dan's BP, and Olay facial lotion, my skin never got any better. I had cysts and inflamed whiteheads and some days I just couldn't even move my face it hurt so bad... I went about a month ago to the dermatologist to go on Accutane. It's coming up on my time to get my first round of blood work done to get my prescription, but, lo and behold, my acne is (dare I say it?) a
  5. I usually don't clear up this well or for this long... If I do clear up, it's for, no lie, a day. Then I'll wake up with a new painful cyst or a few gigantic whiteheads. But it hasn't happened... Like I said, I have about 4 whiteheads on my left cheek, and none on my right. It's mostly red pigmentation.
  6. I went almost 3 weeks ago and got my first urine test taken for my first pregnancy test to go on Accutane. Next Saturday is when I get cleared to get my blood tests done and my second pregnancy test and then I get my prescription. But... my acne is clearing? The past two weeks my acne has subsided greatly. Right now, I only have one inflamed whitehead, about 3 smaller, non-painful whiteheads, and a shitload of red discoloration. I don't even think I have too bad of scars, just red pigmentation f
  7. Yeah, I'll definitely start a log on here! And I think she's giving me a 40mg dosage to start? It all just kinda flew by me before I realized I was signing my life over to the iPledge Program. Basically the stomach problems that have been related to the drug. Crohn's Disease. Joint pain. All those less common side-effects that could become life-long problems. I'm just hoping the risk is worth this drug. Also, hair loss. I'm terrified... even though I do have a head full of thick hair. Dry lip
  8. I just had my first pregnancy test a few weeks ago, so I have another two-ish weeks before I get my blood work done. Once I have a second negative pregnancy test and get my blood checked, then they'll put me on it. So I haven't started it just yet. I'm really nervous though with all these warnings going around... I just hope I get the better end of the deal with NO long-lasting side-effects... =\
  9. Really? I told my whole story and before I could as what she recommends she said, "You're the picture perfect candidate for Accutane..." I don't think there's a "trick". Just tell them the truth and how your acne affects you.
  10. My real skin... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v283/Chr...res/0703102.jpg
  11. Are you on BCBS...? That's what I'm on and I'd KILL for this to be less than $30 a month. My dad will be thrilled.
  12. As a girl with really thick, long hair, this is my biggest fear, too... Dry skin, dry lips, even mood swings I can deal with. Heck, my mood swings and depression now just from having horrible skin are bad enough. But I don't want to lose my hair.
  13. I start in a mere month after my second pregnancy test/blood work is cleared. I'm hoping for the same results. Congrats on clear skin!!
  14. I've heard it has to worsen before it gets better... Hang in there!
  15. I just gave my first urine sample today for my first pregnancy test, and in one month I get my blood drawn for my second, and once they call it in, I can get my first month. This is the third dermatologist I've gone to since I was about 16. I've gone through Benzeclin, Differin, prescription sulfur face wash, doxycycline, Proactiv, Murad, and I'm currently on the regiment which isn't performing as well as I'd hoped it would by month 3. After listing these to my dermatologist, she examined my c