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  1. Yes, because I don't want acne anymore. Once it's gone, you feel relaxed and confident and feel like "this tofu soup at this restraunt isn't going to hurt me." Then, a few days later you start breaking out again and the cycle continues. I'd rather eat healthy for the rest of my life then deal with acne.
  2. i think the natural eye looks better than makeup. Girls look prettier without any eye makeup in my opinion. Without eyemakeup giorls look pure, with it they look trashy. I've never worn eye makeup but i just think its trashy looking
  3. red marks dont go away! I've had them for a really long time. I wish I could do a chemical peel but, I recently developed rocacea. Lactic acid is more milder and gets rid of red marks. read the reviews for it on this website
  4. well meat is very bad for you in my opinion..it leads to many diseases that only show up when your older, you make think your healthy now, wait til you get older and see all the damage it will do to you.
  5. oh yea. i never touch my face, always put sun block and know every detail about my skin like a map. And i only eat fruits and veggies...i only looked at your title sorry
  6. you have to keep your mind occupied. drinking lots of water helps too..but its mostly in the mind, and after 3 days all hunger goes away..depending on when you get into ketosis. I'm just gonna go for t he peel because i want my red marks gone..i hate wearing makeup. I'll post in 3 months if the peels do work for me...in march! Or maybe in january, it says you can do one peel each week.
  7. Wow really? omg..so it did fade. I can't believe it! My mom told me i would be scarred for life..and it didn't even heal properly, when it was healing the scab tore off and it was a huge yellow multi-colored raw looking wound for months. I didn't think a 0.5mm dermaroller could possibly do anything but i guess it does work. I just bought a 1.5mm dermaroller...maybe it could be completely gone...i'M SO HAPPY IT FADED THOUGH
  8. These are the after pictures. Oh and it was a curling iron burn..the heat was on the highest level
  9. I've only used a dermaroller twice on it, and it was realllly small needles..but recently ive been looking at it in the mirror and it seems lighter. I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables raw in the past year and the scar was a little over a year old (2 summers ago). I used the same camera to take a picture of the scar. I just want to get other people's opinion if it REALLY has faded or if it's just in my mind. In the old pics, my legs were tan because it was summer, my natural skin
  10. I just read about lactic acid peels...seems to work for my problem. im also happier than yesterday because my new scars are fading, a scar i got from removing an ugly dark brown mole(raised) on my neck used to be terribly red, now it matches my skin color, and looks like a tiny freckle now. im happy about that. I have a dance audition that I have been putting off so I want to heal my scars quickly..because there are going to be tons of other girls and we have to put on a bikini so I have to do
  11. Is retina the best thing for red marks? i used up the whole bottle of emu oil, 2 actually but it didnt do anything, it was good moistrizr tho.
  12. I also feel peacefull when I fast for long periods, which helps my newly found depression….and if I die, it would be good because I wont have to live with acne scars anymore, or all the other weird scars I have that I don’t even know what they are. I tried commiting suiside several times but, it’s really difficult and theres too much physical pain. fasting is much easier..but I doubt I will die because no one has ever died on a month of fasting unless they were ill/diseased. I just see it
  13. how come his skin is whiter? what did he do…is this real
  14. i quit after 2 days because of stupid finals. I hate looking in the mirror because my face is covered with red marks, and scars, and ive been getting new scars lately from doing weird stuff to my skin. I’m spending my time reading about people who got rid of scars with water fasting and I have probably read every person on the internet who had scars go away while fasting..and I read the science about it where it says while yourfasting your body scours for dead or damaged tissue and eats it up