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  1. Day 11, 23rd pill 30 mg twice a day I CAN'T SLEEEEEEP!! Well, not always, but it's is difficult for me to fall asleep. I used to go to bed around 10 to 11 with no probs, but now? im up and wide awake till probably 2 or 3. and I still manage to wake up around 7!! I feel like a zombi rest of the day. Joint and Muscle aches. Gosh, I never knew walking up the stairs or studying can be so tough. My joints, especially my elbow shoulder and ankles are sore. I was holding up my head with my hands
  2. I've been on accutane for a week.. so I'm probably not the best source, but i started my period.. 3 days into accutane and it seemed regular, but stopped way earlier than it should have! If its usually 5-6 days, this month it ended in 3 and bit of the fourth day. And i am always regular. I don't know if this means anything but... yeah. Good luck!Cathy
  3. Day 8, 17th pill 30 mg twice a day I am kind of getting used to this stuff. Getting used to carrying around chapstick wherever i go, getting used to random joint sores.. For last lakers finals (yeah they won!!), i went out to a bar and had a glass of wine. Last night, i went out and had a shot of sake.. I am not sure if I should even be drinking on Accutane, but limiting my drinks to one glass and shot is ok I think. Let me know if you're on it and have drank or not drank. Here are my sym
  4. I know.. the process of starting Accutane is a bitchh, hang in there and you can experience the dryness like the rest of us.. and yay! get clear skin.Don't be depressed!! Im sure the guy doesn't deserve you anyway.. and after you finish up the meds you'll find a better man. At least you know you won't have any chance of becoming pregs w/o a man around... haha hopefully I'm not getting to personal there w/ you.Wait, the days will come and soon it'll all be over. Cathy
  5. Day 5, 11th pill 30mg twice a day I am guessing that day 5 is the day the symptoms begin because I am experiencing them today. Here are the ones I've noticed. Dry lips. It wasn't until yesterday that I started getting dryer lips. My lips aren't just dry, it is starting to flake and break. Ouch! But it is not too bad yet. It is kind of leathery.. I am preparing for the worst. I got blistex? (the red medicated one) and I use it with Carmex lip conditioner in those squeeze tubes. I try to
  6. sapdorii


    It's been 4 days since I've started Claravis a.k.a. Isotretinoin or Accutane. I am on 30mg twice a day totaling my dosage to 60mg a day. Before I get into how I am feeling on the drug, I think it's important for you to understand my history of acne and the specifics about my body so that it might make my experience more relatable to you. Current Age: 21 Sex: female Ethnicity: Asian First signs of Acne: 12 or 13 years old When it got bad: Maybe 3-4 years ago Current weight: 105 lbs.