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  1. I think using the regimen without cleansing is better than not doing it at all. Washing prepares the skin for BP, making it absorb better because it opens your pores and removes dead skin. But skipping the regimen will very likely make you break out. Since you cant wash, you really should still open your pores by splashing warm water on it like you do when washing. I dont know how long it takes for pores to close..?? But it couldnt hurt. And since your oil wont be removed as you have no cleanser
  2. Im glad someone posted results after 8 months. I just started and ive been wondering what i can expect. I know some poeple clear up perfectly, theyre the ones posting pictures. But alot of people arent. In your case whats imperfect about your results? Still have acne? Or scars and red marks? EDIT: Ive been on it for one week and have seen SUBSTANTIAL results but i still have a way to go. I cant friggin wait for like 4 months to pass : D And im gonna ask you because noone is answering my quest
  3. my skin seems to dislike the moisturizer. Im not having an allergic reaction but it doesnt want to absorb and hold it. It makes areas of my face sweat it right out, and my skin ends up with a rather thick layer of what looks and feels like oil/grease. My skin wasnt THAT oily before. This happens over night and during the day when i apply moisturizer. Why is this happening? What should i do to counter it? Right now im in the beginning of the regimen so im just grateful that its working but later
  4. When i put the moisturizer on at night, it creeps over my lips. Because of this ive been getting BP in my mouth when i sleep. Im following instructions very well but this keeps happening. I dont put it on my lips but it finds its way there. When i put the BP on at night it stays in place just fine and seems to dry well. But when i apply the moisturizer my skin sweats it back out or becomes very greasy in feeling and the moisturizer has been sliding over my lips when im not putting it on my li
  5. Yeah i read that thanks Is my sunblock OK to use with the regimen? Banana Boat Baby Tear Free UVA & UVB Sunblock Lotion, SPF 50
  6. 06 20 2010: I used the Treatment and Moisturizer last night for the first time. I have a lot of experimenting to do as makeup has to be worked its way in there and sunscreen. I also want to moisturize under my eyes but am unsure what i should be using and when to apply it. So far this is my regimen: Wash with Noxzema (Its what ive been using for years and as worked a bit to help battle acne) Apply treatment Apply moisturizer. If anyone stays in tune with my log you should scold me if i skip o
  7. I started the regimen last night. Im going to try to post the results weekly. Truth be told, it helps when you hear about the trials and success of others. Especially when you know for certain those people arent getting paid to advertise for the company. What if someone thinks i am!? lmao that would suck. Not to mention any problems i run into ill be able to help others through. I dont know the difference between mild and moderate but my guess is what i have is somewhere inbetween the two. S
  8. Very useful Brit_love thank you, ill do my best. Im glad you took me seriously because noone had. thanks skylyre. My concern with the makeup is mostly that BP is a drying agent and also harmful near the eyes. I apply makeup around in and on my eyes, so to speak. Do you or anyoneone you can think of know the risks of wearing BP and applying makeup in the eye area? Im sure SOMEONE wears eyeliner and mascara at least. What are the chances ill get BP in my eyes? What are the chances the BP will be
  9. III: Where do i find guidelines on applying makeup? I found it once before but dont remember where. IV: Whats an effective way to shrink pores along with the regimen? (If the regimen doesnt do that on its own, which i HOPE it does) V: Should sunblock be added after moisturizer? Do i have to wait another 10 minutes after having applied moisturizer to apply sunblock or can i put on it straightaway? (I will be wearing sunblock no matter what so i really need information on this) Also note that th
  10. I added some editing so this is just a bump to get the new questions answred.
  11. This is unrelated but where do i find guidelines on applying make up? I found it once before but dont remember where.
  12. I dont know how bad the bleaching is supposed to be i just keep hearing that it bleaches clothing and hair so im very concerned about that. Thanks for the information
  13. I: Do any of the products need to be refrigerated? What is the proper way to store them? II: How does everyone deal with the bleaching aspect of it? Has anyone had bleaching of hair or eyebrows clothing or bedding and pillows? How do you get around this? I honestly dont want to have to wear white every single day. Do i have to wait a specific amount of time before i can put on colored clothing or will it bleach it no matter what? Will sweating later on bleach my clothes? Will rain? Theres