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  1. well you see I had a whitehead in that exact spot, and I picked on it constantly, it kept coming back and I kept on popping it, until it went away and this came...
  2. I have this bump on my nose for about 3 years now, ive tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it.. I used bp for a few weeks but nothing seems to happen! if someone can help, it would be extremely appreciated
  3. Ive suffered with acne for almost 10 years. When i suffered with the initial breakouts i didnt pay much attention, but over time i became really insecure because they wouldnt go away. Often times what happens to us is that we want the easiest way out, instead of the best way. We spend 100's of dollars on crap. We know its crap, yet we are eager to experiment on our beautiful faces. What we dont realize is that our body is a machine, and as a machine, our body takes TIME to process everythi
  4. ive been working out for over 2 years now and I would recommend for you to never go near weight gainers. If you want to gain weight, do it gradually over a period of time. you dont want your body to take soo much calories at one time, yes thats right weight gainers are made to dump a load of calories at once. just eat normally, consume brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc to gain weight. I took weigth gainer a few ago and went from 182 to 195 in lets say 2-4 weeks, and my stomach went from 6 pac
  5. I would recommend you go on a low glycemic diet. That would mean you are pretty much eliminating anything which will cause your insulin to spike and make your hormones go crazy and produce more oil. when you go on a low glycemic diet, remember that you dont wanna completely keep your body very low on sugar
  6. No that is false because some products have been proven to work. If you think it is so easy to make a cure then make one yourself. you might THINK its helping you, its just your mind trying to betray you... and dont have to get all aggresive, we live in the 21st century, not the stone age, so they can do it
  7. So ive always heard that acne is caused by hormonal acne, and that your diet has absolutely nothing to do with it, well it actually has everything to do with it. When you eat food especially foods that are high in carbs this will cause your insulin (which is a HORMONE) in our body to spike quickly, this will cause more oiliness to our faces leading to breakouts.. Some peoples bodies are immune to this and therefore there bodies are stable, but not everyone works the same. Ive noticed myself
  8. Lets be very honest with ourselves, if you were a pharmaceutical company that makes money from consumers buying your product, why would you want to make a cure?? that would just mean less money for you This is why i say most of the products on the shelves are BS, just stick to natural products, and a healthy diet..
  9. Ive tried just about EVERYTHING. I cut out my wheats just this week, to battle the insulin spike.. i was just eating protein, veges, water... just yesterday, my nose broke out with soooo many whiteheads can someone please help me im not using any products on my nose, just using cetaphil gentle skin cleanser it would be really appreciated
  10. if your skin is already oily, it doesnt make sense to me as to why you would want to mosturize further, your just making your face look a mess. Trust me, ive had and i still have oily skin, and sensitive skin, and just putting on a mosturizer is not doing you any good, just make sure youre not overwashing your face, this is going to really irritate your acne and cause further oiliness and acne.
  11. ill be very honest with you, the less products you use on your face, the less stress you will have. I got rid of every products I had, except for a simple facial cleanser for sensitive skin (cetaphil) I ONLY use that, very gently making sure not to cause irritation. I have noticed the more irritated my skin feels, the more acne I will get in that area.. Washing your face gently will help control the oil on your face as excess washing will produce more oil.
  12. First of all doctors are experienced but they dont know EVERYTHING. Youre food has EVERYTHING to do what happens inside and outside your body.. THIS IS FACT!!! like when you eat oranges your skin is healthy. Eating too much junk especially sugar will spike your insulin, which is a hormone, this will cause your skin to produce more oil. Last year I cut out every kind of pop, and had seen a huge difference in my skin. Trust me And btw, razors will irritate your skin EXTREMELY, I shave an
  13. when I sweat a lot, I just splash 1-2 times and let it air dry, dont really see breakouts
  14. I heard a lot about not washing your face soo much during the day. That advice is really paying off, I used to wash my face more than 4 times a day, even when im not using a cleanser. I have started to wash my face twice a day, and I am noticably different complexion, less redness, oiliness and acne If youre gonna overwash, youre just gonna create more oil, which will in turn cause more breakouts I have done this for about a week now, this is the 2nd week, lets see what happens ps.
  15. there are two types of cetaphil cleansers, one is for oily skin and the other one is for sensitive skin. i once bought the oily skin cleanser but it reallly tried the heck out of my face then i tried the sensitive and it worked wonders hoped that helps ps. i am still using the sensitive cleanser because i have really sensitive skin