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  1. Hmmm... I think the rationale for dispersing your doses throughout the day is to keep a consistent level in your system. And since Spiro supposedly works by interfering with androgen receptors, and I doubt (but can't say for sure) that androgen levels vary widely from morning, noon, and night, it may not be necessary to take multiple doses a day. But, that's just my armchair science -- really, I've got no clue. My doc has me taking 150 mg a day -- half in the morning, half at night. They
  2. Just wanted to pop in to give a quick update in case any spiro users happen upon this thread. Looks like it's been over three weeks since my last post, and only good news to report. In that time, I've only had three measly blackheads to contend with, and those came about after I managed to fall asleep two nights in a row without taking off my makeup or using tretinoin. In a way, I miss posting and replying to threads here. Mostly, I feel glad to be moving on... Best of luck to everyone.
  3. Spoke too soon since I grew a new zit overnight. BUUUUUT, it's just the one, where before there was a minefield! Yes, I totally feel you on the pitted scarring -- that's exactly what I've got, and yes it's improved with the tretinoin. It didn't make mine any deeper, but the initial breakout was hellish! I had zits in places I didn't know could make zits.
  4. Hey, Hopeful -- this shit does freaking suck (though I've been known to use a stronger adverb than "freaking"). The GOOD news is that I'm still clear! I had one tiny little zit since my last post (along with a certain monthly event), and it was gone in a day. I totally know how frustrated you feel, and I'll give you the advice that others so sagely gave to me: stick with it. It took a while, no doubt, but it's paying dividends. Have you thought about trying a retinoid to help with the scarr
  5. Nope, I didn't see improvement until after switching to the gel. And even then, it was still a long, arduous process.
  6. One zit in one month? Halle-frikkin-luja! This morning I had a follow-up appointment with my dermatologist, and I sheepishly reminded him that at our last meeting he'd said we should consider Accutane if I didn't improve the next time he saw me. His response? "The thing with Accutane is, what would we be treating?" Can. Not. Believe. It. What's more, he wants me to start weaning myself of my prescriptions! Starting with the doxycycline, I'll decrease from two to one a day. After six w
  7. Well, I don't know for sure, but my doctor did say that he would eventually wean me off of the Spiro and it wouldn't be a forever medication. I hope this means that the acne wouldn't come back, but he didn't offer any science to support this. I'll ask at my next visit. As for the hair loss, I do think I shed more than most, but I always have and my hair has remained plenty full. If Spiro is working for you, I'd say stick with it (at least that's what I'm doing), but you can always start agai
  8. I'm thinking of changing the name of this thread to "The Soap Chronicles." These past few weeks I've seen some pretty promising improvements after changing my soap to (drumroll, please) regular old deodorant soap! Safeguard, to be exact. I know, I know. It's supposed to be too harsh (or worse, pore clogging), but my face seems to like it. Maybe it's the meds, maybe it's the soap. Maybe it's both or neither. For now, keeping my fingers crossed...
  9. Retin-A does not affect oil glands; it increases cell turnover, which is why it helps with scarring and discoloration (but probably won't do much for sagging skin). Typically the cream form is recommended for use in "aging" skin, and the gel is better suited for acne-prone skin. I've used both, and unfortunately my face has remained an oil slick through it all.
  10. You're not crazy. I found that the generic was less effective than the name brand, too. It seems grittier, which makes me think it doesn't penetrate as well.
  11. Oh, I wish I had good news to report...but I don't! Still having breakouts, still really greasy, not very happy with this treatment. I still take my pills like a faithful little monkey, but I'm researching Accutane RIGHT NOW. Anyone else on spiro notice that your zits are kind of...different? Like, they're not deep, but the surface area is greater than it used to be? The up-side is they aren't painful, but man are they ugly! Bah.
  12. You sound intelligent and educated, so I would hope you could recognize that people are unique individuals and there is no collective mindset. The chances of everyone you encounter thinking, feeling, and reacting in the same way are pretty much nil. The chances of you having a special ability to look at people and automatically know what they're thinking really aren't any better. You'll note that I chopped up your posts and replies, and I did that to emphasize your tendency to state the
  13. I apologize in advance because this is totally off-topic; however, I just wanted to point out that you have great writing skills (especially for being 15!) OK, please carry on.
  14. My derm said blood work isn't necessary, and he didn't even have me do an initial test to establish a baseline. Funny you don't know anyone who has to have it done. I actually thought I was in the minority since I always see people talking about spiro and blood work on this forum. In real life I only know people who take it for their blood pressure.