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  1. the only products you should use to lighten redmarks while on accutane should natural ones like ACV and emu oil, maybe some lemon juice. accutane thins yours skin so you dont want t odo chemical peels or any laser surgey for atleast 6 months after your course is finished.
  2. i diluted it 50-50 and it didnt bother my skin so maybe this will speed up results. i know dude i live in south florida im usually tan but even when i get mild sun exposure get these bad red lines like rosacea and all my red marks look 10 times worse. this sh!t really sucks
  3. is it ok to use ACV in between peels?
  4. lactic acid is an AHA though, ill give glycolic a try
  5. tried emu oil, ACV and all the vitamins with no results, emu oil and vitamin E actually make me break out i have no idea why
  6. yea for some reason i can never get a pic to show the full extent, its all over my face but under my eyes and the sides of my nose are the worst. most topicals make me break out i have fair sensative skin. Should i maybe try a stonger % lactic peel or try glycolic, mandelic etc.
  7. really didnt get any answers in my last post in the scar treatment section so i wanted to try here. ive been off accutane for 2 months and i have severe redmarks everywhere. ive done about 8 lactic acid peels at 40% with No results at all. what can i do and please dont say just wait because its not an option they bother me too much. first acne now this really sucks http://i54.tinypic.com/xdtj4g.jpg
  8. tellin you from experience and from many other people, get Braggs. its in most grocery stores it has the mother in it which is the ingredient your looking for. its like 4$
  9. he said wait a year or 2 and they will fade, theres no way i can wait a year or 2. i catch people just starring at my redmarks when i talk to them i just want to get rid of these it sucks bad.
  10. here http://i51.tinypic.com/6ds9bl.jpg
  11. i can never get a pic that fully shows the extent of my redmarks, this is the closest i could get but it still looks worse in person. Ive done 7 lactic acid peels in the past 2 weeks at 40% and got no results at all with no peeling or any redness really, it actually made my blackheads all over my nose alot worse. ive tried ACV, Lemon juice and all the natural remedies with no results. why wont it show how do i post it up?