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  1. I personally use glycerin after akl recommended it. I love it. I really think you should look into it.
  2. I really think that aztec healing clay mixed with acv has really helped my marks. I love it.
  3. Hi, I personally love emu oil!! I think I discovered it about 2/3 years ago, and it works wonders! It does take time though, so you have to be patient. But its really good at healing and moisturizing, Ive also found that its good for scabs and red marks, and is certainly useful to have. I don't exactly know if it can be used as an alternative to bp/sa, but i do think that its a good addition to add ontop of bp (this is how i used it) Hope this helps.
  4. I personally like Cetaphill lotion, It works great when i use it over my 5% bp. I also add emu oil and have found my skin to more moisturized that way.
  5. I put a blob of 10% bp on mine and it really helps. In fact thats how i got through a recent breakout! be prepared to stay home and blob it on though. It can also be drying and potentially irritating depending on your skin type, so be careful if you was to use it.
  6. really interesting but i dont know the exact time i was born...
  7. Hey, i know what you mean! They are really annoying, I have the same problem, but mine eventually turn into pimples. Im trying atec healing clay with acv twice a week. Its too early to tell how well its working, but i really like how it makes my skin feel. It gets rid of my flakes from bp, and generally helps with other pimples. I also find that my marks are less prominent. Overall i really like it and its really cheap too. Another suggestion is activated charcoal, make your own mask by sp
  8. Hey, thanks for the reply. Glad im not the only one. No i haven't tried palmers oil; im always scared im going to break out. I do have aloe vera gel though, but i don't know how effective that may be. does anyone else also have this problem?
  9. Hi i have tan ethnic skin which is more of a medium caramel skin tone. My problem is skin discoloration around the mouth area that makes me look like a monkey if you know what i mean. Its really upsetting me. I have found that the problem has exasperated since using bp continuously for about 2 or more years. But its the only thing that keeps me somewhat clear. I also use dans aha one a week. My regimen is as follows: - wash with cetaphil - apply 5% bp panoxyl aquagel (tried dans bp for a y
  10. ive given it 5/6 months dont get me wrong my skin has improved though im still getting breakouts