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  1. Thank god you decided to stop doing the peels, obviously your skin isnt ready for them. It sounds like you stull have active acne and you should use the retiniod you have to make your skin purge completely before doing the TCA peel, whats the point of the peel if it causes more acne and scars, I think you jumped the gun on the peels to early? I would get all that junk in your pores out first than either try the peel again or go tp a professional to have it done.
  2. I basicly have my acne under control now and just treating scars that were left behind but I still get a breakout once a month but not a bad one just a few small pimples here and there. Out of no where two months ago I started getting cyst again on my cheeks, all went away using differin gel except one on my right cheek. I had this cyst on my right cheek for over two months, i tried everything to get rid of it, warm compresses, differin gel, bp, sylic acid, tea tree oil, anything to try and dry
  3. bullshit! agreed! It's nuts to do a subsicion on those scars!!! those are like just enlarged pores! I guess derma-stamp+led therapy would be the right way cuz it seems that the scarring you've got is quite localized and doing a peel on the whole face isn't really needed. Thanks Ben! I never really thought of it that way. I really don't need an all over peel. It really stinks cause the 2 bigger scars aren't even from acne! Ive been trying mederma on those. Hey Girl, You got pre
  4. If your planing on doing TCA peels ay home i wouldnt start with 30% and you need to prep your skin for two weeks before doing the peel to make sure the peel absorbs evenly. First start using a aha or retinol everynight for two weeks to get your skin ready for the peel, stop using aha or retinol 2 to 3 days prior to the peel, go with 20% tca and if you feel the need to go deeper and you have not frosted with one coat of the 20% you can do another coat. 30% is way to strong on someone who has not
  5. Dude you got great skin coloring, dont do anything to those scars that involves all over face treatment that could affect your coloring, you got that going for you and your scars honestly are hardly noticeable to me atleast I know they may bother you but if they look the same in person as they do in the pics i wouldnt even notice them when meeting you.
  6. I would prep with AHA for about two weeks or so and than do a peel either glycolic or TCA, I do them myself at home with no problems, just do your reasearch and form a good plan, make sure you follow the direction exactly and oh sunscreen everyday after the peel is a must!!!
  7. I agree completely......I think my scars look worse when the lighting is uneven, when the lighting is coming from above only or below only that causes more of a shadow effect makeing the scars look worse, i actually think scars look better outside in direct sunlight because it hits your face from every angle not casting shadows. Also, when people keep their head up rather than look down and not looking people in the eye this can make scars look worse, just another reason to hold your head up hig
  8. This is a pretty tight community and if you would post some pics of the scars im sure we could all help you figuare out what the best treatment is but we need to see pics to know what type of scars you have and how deep they are.
  9. I know everyone is different, its awesome smooth beam worked for you but it did nothing for me, absolutly nothing...how many treatments with smoothbeam did you have, i had three and nothing, maybe made me worse.
  10. It certainly helps! so thank you very much for sharing your positive experience with the CROSS method. 20% in 2 months is like-fantastic! I'm really happy for you, I hope you'll keep getting 20% or more every time you do the CROSS and someday perhaps, you'll be scarfree! I wonder what products you use before and after the CROSS, do use the EGF creams and, if YES, do you use them after the scabs fall off? Again, thanks! foxyhound - thanks so much for posting this. ive bookmarked it. i
  11. Heres the deal, they are not severe enough that nothing can be done, honestly if you pick a good scar treatment method and stick with it you can help those scars. I have similar scaring and ive seen great improvement with TCA cross and peels, also you might want to look into derma-roll, im researching it currently to add to my routine between TCA peels and cross. Just do some reasearch and start trying some methods, you well find one that works in no time.
  12. Hey now I dont know about doomed, but nose scars are the hardest to get rid of. I dont know if you can get rid of them completely but you could make your overall texture look better with some medium strenth peels like TCA or Jesner, if the rest of the skin on your nose looked smoother and more toned the scars would blend in. Give it a try.
  13. I have been on this forum for alittle while now and I wanted to inform everyone who does or is thinking of doing TCA cross how to get the best results from my experience. When doing cross its basicly trial and error the first one or two times you do it urself, untill you figuare out what works best for you. The one thing people seem to not be sure about is the time to wait between doing cross treaments. Most do it once a month, me included but a recent situation has me waiting longer than usua
  14. I was just wondering if you can use differin gel to prep your skin before peels? ALso, does anyone think it helps with scars and wrinkles. i have a tube and I use it to spot treat pimples now and wondering if i could use it to prep instead of aha which is what I have been using.
  15. Cool, me too, my appointment is on july 6th, where are you located? I am in philadelphia and a couple years ago i went to U of Penn for my nose which was deviated and they fixed it awesomely, so i figuared let me go to their scar specialist and see what can be done, the cross im doing is working well but im tired of doing it... No lie, my really great insurance covered the nose job, so we well see if they well cover any of the scar revision, if not ill see if i can setup a payment plan and if th