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  1. Hmmm. Well, I suppose I'll give it a try. I've been putting on Finacea only in the mornings with some msm moisturizer and retin-a micro with NOTHING else at night. At least no new cysts have popped up, although some of the ones already on my face need to flatten.
  2. Really? It seems like a number of derms recommend using moisturizer with RAM: http://www.realself.com/question/moisturizer-conjunction-retin-a-apply
  3. I have been on Retin-A Micro now for about 4.5 months, Finacea for about 6.5 months, and Spiro for just about 2 weeks now (given to me by a new dermatologist because it was clear just Retin-A Micro and Finacea weren't working). What's really frustrating me is that for the past 3 months or so, my large cystic acne has been 5x worse. But I'm not just breaking out more, which is unfortunately normal when using products like Retin-A Micro - my acne has become a lot stronger....more resistant to trea
  4. I've been on 200mg (daily) of Spironolactone for 5 days now, and I am definitely peeing way too much, roughly every single hour today. I'm a little worried about how long this is supposed to last - does this symptom subside after you've been on Spiro for awhile, or does it persist? It's frustrating when I'm out or at work and I need to pee every 50-65 minutes regardless of whether I'm drinking a lot of fluids or not.
  5. I've been on retin-a micro for almost 4 months now, zero improvement. In fact, my acne is worse. I just keep getting cysts. So depressed.
  6. Moderate, I'd say. But even though my acne isn't AAAAALLL over my face, because it's mostly cysts and pustules, it's very frustrating. I don't seem to get more "normal" acne - the smaller bumps with just mild redness.
  7. Do you think the issue could partially be because of the strength (.04%, etc)?
  8. It has now been 3 months on Retin-A micro .04% gel and I'm still getting cystic acne. Just yesterday I woke up, face was looking somewhat decent, but by the end of the day I discovered two new slightly painful lumps under my skin in the shower. I'm losing hope.
  9. GeeeeeeeZUS! A full year? Are you kidding? I heard 6 months at the most.
  10. I have been on Retin-A Micro for a teeny bit over 2 months now, as well as Finacea for 3 months and Aczone for at least a year now. I used to use the Aczone in combination with Differin (which didn't work), which is why I've been on it longer. However, I'm not seeing results. I have noticed the combo of these meds is making my red marks fade faster, but the pimples just keep on coming. And they're big, inflamed, pus-filled pimples that HURT and are nearly the size of M&Ms. These have mostly
  11. I've been using Finacea and Retin-A Micro since January (Finacea twice a day, Retin-A Micro once per day in the evening). The Retin-A Micro is making my skin quite dry and flaky. I'm trying to use a gentle scrub once or twice a week to help with some of the peeling, but it's still really frustrating. I'm using two VERY high quality manuka honey-based moisturizers, plus a manuka honey-based cleanser with vitamin c, but my skin is still being stubborn. I was looking for a moisturizing mask to use,
  12. It seems like Meladerm is being advertised on the web as the very best lightening/fade cream available on the market. Yet I don't see many people here discussing it, and it doesn't have very many reviews on this website either. I'm curious - has anyone here used it? How did it work? At $49.99, it's not exactly the cheapest, and I'm also wondering what effect it has on active acne.
  13. I just started using this. It's doing MIRACLES for my acne marks - seriously. But I'm wondering - does anyone put this or another AHA product directly on pimples? I'm not sure if it's making them redder or not...
  14. To sum up a long story: - Prescribed Doxycycline and Ziana last May - Went off Doxycycline after a few weeks because it was causing strange problems - Studied abroad in China for 3.5 months, only using Ziana - Came back to US, started having bad breakouts (large acne/cysts) - Got a refill on my unused Doxycycline (which was old so I threw it out afterward) because I was panicking - Made an appointment to switch to a new topical, because Ziana isn't working AT ALL, NOT ONE BIT!!! Old dermatologi
    Reasonable price with insurance and discount card One tube lasts for a VERY long time No fragrance Not extremely drying with the right moisturizer Purging Makes skin oily Does not clear acne I was prescribed Ziana gel after going in to a dermatologist last June. I have used the Ziana gel every single night since then, and will be going in to a new dermatologist next month for a different product. The Ziana gel has simply NOT WORKED AT ALL. I had a lot of initial purging