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  1. Okay.. so Im a little late on posting but here it goes.. I feel that at the end of week 2 Side Effects: - My eczema has worsen its hard to control but on a positive note I do feel like its working - Dehydrated easily.. make sure to get plenty of water! Thats about it for now... Skin: - Been dryer than ever... Thats about it lol I feel: - Great! I think this has to do with working out.. but otherwise I feel goooood. I look forward to the end of next month because the prog
  2. Hey everyone, My name is Grace and I hope to update and post the pictures of my accutane journey here on acne.org . I am a very shy person when it comes to my social life and about my skin. I have screamed and cried at ppl to get out of the room until I have had makeup on my face. Ever since my acne started in grade 10 I have blotted makeup to cover up everything (I guess it did it worse) My teen years were very rocky and rollercoaster like and to be on the honor roll, studying and keeping up