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  1. day 14 for me i think now. i've been taking the oily pills now for a few days and my skin is already starting to feel/look less oily then before, but not too much which i am really thankful about. it's reaaaaally kicking in for me, as of now i only have one pimple that isn't really REALLY tiny or just about faded away. i hope this keeps up! when are your new pictures coming up? i hope you're getting the results i am
  2. i meant burdock by the way... oh and did your doctor take a guess as to what she thinks IS the "most effective" ingredient? saying it can't be turmeric kind of also implies that she prob doesn't think its the garlic or burdock either.. that leaves the b5/b6, beta glucans and a tiny amount of zinc..
  3. good job on passing. as for what in the pill is effective... i don't really think there is a specific ingredient which does most of the work, but all of the ingredients together. all of them do good things for your skin in one way or another (which is good because we're not just relying on one sole inigredient - like the b5 for example) that may end up losing effectiveness later on. if i had to choose one, i would say the black pepper is most important. the piperine makes all of this get into th
  4. well good luck with the visit.. i saw the pictures, your doctor will definitely agree that it's working. and license exam?!?! shit now i feel really old... i've been driving for everrr. jeep wrangler no roof no doors kid! lmao
  5. i wonder if that will work... anyway, the whole poke thing was a clever way of saying i would love to knock out anyone who ever told me "just go on accutane" IT WORKED!!! lmao
  6. i think and hope they get big, because that means that this pill works in the long run they will*... btw how does everyone do that thing where the quote they are replying too comes up? i'm too new at this
  7. and i forgot to mention. i was reading back before... screw what those other people are saying. i saw what you said about the company in this board and in the other one and there was nothing wrong with it. also anyone who tells someone they should just go on accutane is a prick (i've been on it three times). that's basically wishing depression and dry skin misery on somebody. i wish this was like facebook but with a "punch" button instead of "poke." i'd be clicking that..
  8. yea i actually ordered two bottles the oily pills with overnight shipping last night because i'm right about to go away for two weeks and wanted to get them sooner. and they actually "missed the overnight cutoff time" so i had to wait an extra day (getting them tomorrow morning) BUT he refunded the shipping and one of the bottles because he screwed up. so now i'm paying over 40 bucks less than i would have. thanks michael ahaha
  9. just joined after months of deliberating if i actually wanted to or not... lol i'm on day 11 of acnescript. this is the first board about it i've found (although i know there are many more out there) so i figured i'd chime in with all this. i can honestly say i think its working now... but i wouldn't have said that up until about two days ago. after a week i was getting pissed off because i didn't really see any sort of positive difference, then out of no where good things started to happen. i'