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  1. _MJ_


    I have blackheads and acne scars on my chest, and acne and crusts on my back, because I scratch the acne with my nails. I still wear tank tops and bikinis though. If people don't want to see that, they should look at something/someone else...
  2. Like that's something to be happy about
  3. Just a thought (from personal experience): It's the kind of thing people say when they don't know what to do to make you feel better. If you complain about your skin a lot, while also sending out the message 'and nothing you can do or say can make me feel better' you leave people who care about you powerless and frustrated, and they turn to clichés because they don't know how to deal with it anymore. It's also the kind of thing my mom always told me when I was a teenager, and I'm happy she di
  4. I have chest and back acne (especially back) and I have never got a complaint . The only thing that may happen is if you're too insecure, won't be able to relax, and spoil the mood. That would be a shame, because I'm sure he won't mind.
  5. I've had spots since I was 11. And oh, the disappointment when I turned 16, 18, 20 and everybody's skin got clear except mine. So I paid 115 euros for Dan's big size bp, moisturiser, AHA and Jojoba oil. This better be good! And yes, some people have all the luck. But there are also people who have it worse. So there's no point in looking at somebody else's 'luck'.
  6. I'm sure they added the free bottle from the kindness of their hearts! The fact that they got rid of almsot-expired stuff like that was just a bonus
  7. I have tried using an egg white mask, which is the only thing that seemed to help. But it really dried out my skin, so I'm going to start using those again when Dan's products arrive, and I can moisturise properly. Now I can't help getting my hopes up, despite years of disappointments...
  8. oh right well what clinique stuff did you try? the anti blemish or the 3 step normal system? im confused as to what i should buy. I've been using the anti blemish solutions for months now, and I don't think it's worth the price. It hasn't reduced my blackheads/pore size/white bumps at all. Very disappointing. And I have to moisturise, because I have very dry and sensitive skin (even T-zone). My derm said I have the worst skintype ever. Yay.
  9. Hey, ik kom uit België. Ik ben ook al jaren aan het zoeken naar goeie producten tegen hardnekkig verstopte gigantische poriën, maar zonder succes. Ik was me met de zeep van Sebamed, en gerbuik nu de producten van Clinique, maar die vind ik echt te duur. Nu heb ik de producten van acne.org besteld. Het doet wel pijn aan mijn portemonnee, met die verzendingskosten erbij... maar ik was het gewoon beu om overal te zoeken en te proberen.
  10. My advice: Don't touch it. I've had one a couple of months ago, and since I'm a compulsive skin picker, I couldn't stay away from it. I picked and picked, and nothing came out. When it started to heal, I noticed the bump was still there so I picked it again. This went on for a while, and now and then something came out, but maybe only because I irritated it too much (?). Now I've had a noticeable red mark for about a month . Does it come to the surface if you don't touch it for a while?
  11. My mom still has acne in her 50's. So I will probably have skin problems for the rest of my life too. But I don't have inflamed acne anymore, so I just accepted that's the best I can do, and I take care of my skin obsessively. I think you can compare it to being overweight: you can't go on a diet for a couple of months and expect to go back to normal and not gain weight again.