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  1. I read on here that you should avoid hot temperatures and steam rooms because they irritate the skin. I totally disagree, and wish i hadn't stopped going to the steam room for a few weeks.

    i was coping ok with acne going to the steam room about 3 times a week. when i stopped going, i had some major breakouts, like i have never had in my life. 2 more days in the steam room and it had started clearing up again.

    why would the steam help you? i'm no scientist but i think the steam makes the stuff under your skin rise to the surface, or at the least it opens up the skin, clears pores etc. Then after leaving the steam room for about 15-20 minutes, your acne is more susceptible to the benzoyl peroxide, or whatever acne medication you're using, because the chemicals can get further into the skin. Hence the treatment works better.

    what do you think?