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  1. Thank you! And I notice you are just starting. Time will fly by. Make memories.
  2. Okay. So I officially have two days left. I can't say I am more nervous enough. My biggest fear. Getting acne again. My skin is so clear, and I get compliments all the time. It has been six months of hell. But at least three of the six my skin was prettiful. Let's all hope for the best!
  3. Last and final blood test results came back good! And tomorrow is my last dr's appt! I should be done with the medicine in the middle of December! Yay! And hopefully this time it lasts a lifetime!
  4. Ohhh okay. Well hopefully something works or they let you go back on it. And enjoy Florida, if you like it a lot I'd be more than happy to move to NY and make a switch off. I've wanted to move to NY ever since I graduated in December.
  5. I'm a little late. But why did you stop taking accutane? Did they never up your dose because of your triglyceride levels? I hope you have fun in Florida. That's where I am. And it's hot and humid, and yesterday it was rainy. It's nice when its not humid, or scorching hot.
  6. Thanks!! Also, a note to the land of females. One thing that I noticed made a world of a difference was when I stopped washing my face, didn't wear make up. No moisturizers, no nothing. When I left it completely alone, with an occasional putting a Neosporin type of ointment on my scabs, was when my face really decided to clear. And something that I have noticed that has helped with my lips, was also not washing my face everyday. And when I do wash my face I curl my lips in so that the face
  7. Yeah. I did research. I've had two styes now in the past two months. On a brighter note, I HAVE CLEAR SKIN!!!! I will post pics soon.
  8. Okay guys. I don't know if this is happening to any of you. But I am now on my second stye in a month and a half. I did research on it, and apparently accutane can cause styes! Yay! google 'accutane and styes' Anyone else getting styes?
  9. First off, it sounds as though your skin is doing really well. You should be proud that you only have a few clogged pores, or just some black heads after the 2nd month. Just now, into my fourth month am I started to get less pimples, but I keep picking and leaving little scabs. Good luck!
  10. OMG your skin looks so good, and your doggy is soo super cute too!! You look like you've never even had a pimple in your life, nonetheless ever had to deal with acne! Congrats!
  11. Thanks guys! Only 2.5 more monthish to go! My lips feel permanently damaged. But I know they will go back to normal about a week after I get off, because that is what happened last time I was on it. But for now, I have to like wipe the skin of my lips, yes gross. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Then, after wiping the skin off my lips I get a nice tint of what appears to be gawdy red lip stick. Which I'm sure many of you can relate to. I didn't really pick so much over the weekend nor