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Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'

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    Damn you Acne !!!
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    Quebec/Canada...No, I don't sleep in Igloos but i do love Maple Syrup =)
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    ~OMG ok...Photography♥, Movies, Theater (acting), Cooking delicious Sweets!, Learning about other cultures, Studying Languages, TRAVELLING, Cats, Modelling, Makeup &...Music. That's about it! =)<br /><br />Some of my favorite movies:<br />Interview with the Vampire, Kill Bill, The shinning, Phantom of the Opera, the exorcist, Chakushin Ari, (everything by Tim Burton), Nosferatu, La cage aux Folles, Chocolat, beauty and the beast, forrest gump, psycho, singin' In the Rain, Ju On, One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, V for Vendetta, A tale of two sisters, the Wishing stairs, The company of Wolves...<br /><br />Music: ...I Really listen to anything....Really...
  1. Hey!!! it's meh...I'm back ! =) It's been such a while...I'm sorry...haha. It's been officialy summer for a while now, I'm searching for a new job, going out a bit, family trips...blah blah.... Ultimately my back is still clear!! yay! I was lazy for a while and even stopped putting on AHA on my upper back, and It stays clear!! my breakouts on my back were so bad but so easy to get rid of, only using glycolic acid and no BP....I'm so happy I get to wear tank tops again!! yayy! I just
  2. Hey rockets !! haha. I'm good, how bout' you? =D And how is your skin doing lately??

  3. ~Hyyya!!! sorry, It's been a while, I'm doing lots of things lately...~ â•£Hey! so, I don't work anymore, but I go out a lot lately, and to me honestly at least 2 times a week is a lot ! X) I reunited with my old friends and go a lot to my bff's house wich is haunted. SERIOUSLY. haha. a friend of her mom's is gonna come soon to exorcise it. haha. and I got money now so take the bus to Ottawa and I walk around, shop with some friends, and chill at near coffee shops. It seems lame but I'm a rea
  4. Hey!.... Today, it's really sunny outside, the wind feels good and the weather's fine. I really want to go out with some friends but my skin looks kinda bad...mostly because I pinched it last night.....ARG! I'm so fkiing stupid why do I do this??! My skin is hella fine then I can't help it, I just look for the smallest blakheads that doesn't even show that much on my face and pinch and pick on 'em t'il blood drips out. Ouch. Then, I have red spots all over my face. It's easily covered yep,
  5. So I could not get intimate with my ex-boyfriend and that really sucks...

  6. I read your post and I want you to know your really not alone. My bottle of foundation is like my confidence in a bottle. I know how you feel. Plus, most people think I'm a brunette but truly I'm blond, so blond that my eyelashes are like white haha, like totally invisble. so I wear mascara always, I even sleep with my makeup on if I go to parties/sleepovers...I also have bacne, so I could

  7. WOW. I feel exactly the same. I broke up with the one I truly loved because I don't want him to see me without makeup, and I can't get a boyfriend because of that. Makeup is like a mask for me, I'm like the phantom of the Opera haha, if someone sees me without makeup I have to kill him/her. This is really mean of your boyfriend, and immature. Does he knows you have a low self-esteem and that your pretty worried 'bout him seeing you without makeup??? I say, you should really talk to him about th
  8. goooodd for youu. hehehe i hate working thou :P . lovin ur new pic loookingggg beautiful *

  9. You go giiirl! Glad it's starting to clear up, I might order the regimen too. Looking forward to read about next week ! Good luck!
  10. Heyy! It's meh! and I'm back... I'm sorry, It's been a while...Oh and the title is simply 'cause I curently have an olive oil mask haha....I leave it on my skin to hydrate it when it's on crisis...I only leave it for a little while because it does block your pores...haha. So, I recently got a job, in a...kind of a Bath&Body boutique...they sell cute little beauty products and lotions...I like my job hehe. My skin isn't so bad now, I still rub a potato on my face (-_-) And it does reduc
  11. Lol! yeah...or people in the 1700's, they just have to wait t'il it's over hahaha. Well, I actually believe that wasn't as bad as it is today, probably 'cause today we got lots of pollution and eat fake and processed stuff, and spend days watching T.V instead of farming outside to survive Lol. My weekend was awesome thanks for asking! I just got a new job so I'm rea

  12. lol chill. It won't let me message you

  13. if it werent for makeup we'd all be screwed i wonder how cavewomen dealt w. acne : P lol i didnt remmeber what we were talking about before so i had to stalk throu ur commments & get back on track lol. so how was ur weekend ? ( :