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  1. Try using a spray bottle, filling it with mineral water, and spritzing it on your face after washing with tap water. I have the same problem where the tap water makes me feel super itchy, and I've been doing that which seemed to be helping. If you're willing to spend a little extra money though, consider using the Avene Thermal Spring Water (or any product similar to it) before your skin care. I used to use it on the plane to refreshen my skin when it would become ridiculously dry, but I found
  2. honestly, that bump on ur nose doesnt bother me at ALL. haha its sooo small nd only sum1 who was very picky about people's noses would notice it i think BUT i totally feel you. my situation is a bit worse, because i have a hypertrophic scar on my nose, but its the size of a raisin (its HUGE!! its not bulging out that much but its very wide and red)... ive had 5 surgeries at the dermatologist, and after each time the scar has become flatter, but i still notice that people look at it when i talk
  3. Wow, thanks all of you guys for the input! I have a question about blotting papers that I've been wondering these days. So I know blotting paper gets rid of the surface oil our skin produces, but does it also remove sweat? Because these days I don't really know if it's the oil or sweat thats making my face look shiny. Also, have any of you on DKR noticed if the BP makes your face look shinier? This is something I have noticed... is this just me?
  4. Really? Wow okay I didn't know this! Thanks so much. And I think my skin may be getting used to the BP because nowadays it doesn't sting my eyes or dry out my skin as much. I guess patience is key
  5. Oh sorry no I meant since Dan recommends us to let the BP dry for 10 to 15 minutes before applying moisturizer, should I wait a little less for the BP to dry before moisturizing
  6. No, I keep it on. I follow Dan's Regimen with his BP
  7. I've been having that same problem too! I've tried holding my breath because I thought maybe it was the stroooong smell that was making my eyes water, but it's doing no good. I've been avoiding my eye area a lot too recently. I keep the BP at least 1 to 2 inches away from my eyes in every directions...
  8. Thanks! I've now been using the BP for about a week AND refrigerating it. My face is stinging a lot though compared to before. Is this possibly due to the refrigerating, or maybe I'm a little sunburnt because it's summer and I'm out in the sun all day? Either way, what should I do? Theres almost no flaking, just pain when I apply the BP and a stiff feeling on my sections of my face throughout the day. Should I keep it on for 10 minutes like I always do and bear the pain, or decrease the amount o
  9. Hi all. So just two days ago, I started using Dan's BP. It's really hot and humid now where I live, so I think the BP is possibly runnier than it is normally. I used to use the skiniD BP, but ran out. It had a relatively thick consistency, so it stayed put on my face, dried faster, and I was able to apply less but get a great effect. Dan's BP is so quite watery on the contrary, and I am having a hard time applying a full fingers length without wasting half of it on my fingers (the excess doesnt
  10. postfetalphase - that's true, i hadn't really thought of that. i don't know, i just found some research that said that blotting paper should be used in moderation, and i trusted it! haha so i guess its a good thing i'm hearing all of your guys' opinions. im liking the sally's beauty supply oil blotting sheets idea. clever to put the mattifying powder on the other side. i DEFINITELY will pick one of those up!
  11. thanks for the replies, WalkTheWire, pchic, and Maria V. These responses are really helpful. I'm not quite as hesitant to using blotting paper anymore! I'll look into those sunscreens. I need to find one that also doesn't clump up when I put on top of benzoyl peroxide, and keeps my face from being gross nd shiny
  12. X3Kell3X - thanks, i think it may b a bit pricy for wut im willing to spend on a sunscreen, but i may give it a try
  13. missymeme- thanks so much! ill check that product out.
  14. Hey guys! So I've noticed a lot of threads about blotting papers and make up that absorbs facial oils. Us acne-prone skinned people can get very greasy throughout the day... not very attractive. Not to mention, during the summer time (i.e. RIGHT NOW), my sunglasses keep sliding off my nose because I tend to grease up in my t-zone. I've heard and researched on some things we should keep in mind when trying to use these products that reduce greasiness on our face. First, don't use too much blotti
  15. Anyone know one that is noncomedogenic? I'm using a Neutrogena one thats tinted but in photos my face looks like a grease ball...