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    Rugby,Music,Guitar.<br /><br />Staying Healthy and Fit.<br /><br />Listening to Music.
  1. Thanks! Well I'm doinf alot better than i was a few years ago. lol

  2. Hey :)

    Thought I should leave a comment seeing as I stopped by.

    How are you?

  3. So next year would be your last year before high school? If so, then I was right to call you a Junior.. next year you'd be a senior (12th grade).

    So what do you all in ireland call you're school age?

  4. Oh I forgot, you lot call it "vacation"..lol, it sounds so wrong :P

    Emm your schooling system is really confusing lol

    What would I be if I am finishing my second last year before college?

    If you can understand that :)

  5. I just realized you said 'summer holidays' :D lovee it! haha!! I've never heard that before, must be an irish thing!? :D

  6. I thought it was supposed to be blink.. but i wasn't for sure if Be One Ink meant something or if I was just over thinking the name LOL XD.. yeahhp I'm in college and it ended around May 15th, so i've been on break for awhile now. Summer's greatt!! :D I'm guessing you're high school is over! Just ended your Junior year, right?

  7. Hi guys I was just wondering something. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. My skin is pretty much clear now and I dont really want it to "break out for a month" as described above. I do want to get rid of old scars, which dont really bother me anymore,but i dont want to sacrifice clear skin just to get rid of a few scars or whatever If I'm going to break out for long? Does this happen to everyone? And do you break out for long? My Batch is coming on monday or tuesday of this week, I
  8. Thanks :), I like London accents better though,or northern Irish but meh I cant complain :P

    Em it wasn't that nice yesterday but Its about 14-15 degrees today and clear skies. YAY!

    Yeah,nearly June, I get summe holidays in 4 days . WOOP! :)

  9. Haha yeah i gues thats why most people come on here :').

    The 1 is supposed to an L, I was trying to be cool you see but clearly I failed in that department :) haha.

    Wow your SO OLD!..Jk, Are you in college or something? :)

    Do you get summer Holidays soon?

  10. two years ancienter (if thats a word) than you.. so 19 (:

  11. Hey what's up mr Irishman! ..agreewith Lily, Irish accents are so Kiff (Awesome)

    Good weekend so far? hgow's your weather been? hope not as crappy as ours =P nah it's been okay really. shouldn't complain, gotta keep positive come what may.

    lol Later


  12. haha i really do XD

    i get on here way too much.. it's like i have a life, but every moment i don't i get on here LOL XD idk why (: well i guess i sort of do.. acne and all.. :( p.s. you're comment was cut off. What does you're screen name mean?

  13. Aww it cut me off :( * What age are you if you don't mind me asking ? :)

  14. But I bet it's a fantastic place to be if you love corn!,I can only imagine all that corn..you could have popcorn,corn on the cob..the varieties are endless(those are actually all I can think of) :P

    Aww shux thanks :)

    Yeah our accents are pretty slick if I do say so myself,but only when abroad :)

    You love talking to people on this site don't you? Chatterbox :P


  15. haha thanks :).. I'm from the U.S.. Illinois to be more direct, and it's just a bland place to be. Nothing all too great to find/discover OOH except cornfields -_- lol

    And you sir are very handsome!!

    Even if it rains Ireland tops America. =p I mean you have awesome accents!!<3