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  1. Hey, thanks for your answer. I've included a few pictures here on which you can see the scars from previous acne and the redness. Thanks again. I hope the IPL and tca/jessner peel will finally clear this up. Any advice would be appreciated of course :).
  2. Hi there, I used to have horrible acne on my face. This has been cleared by accutane a few years back. Now it's back again but in lesser form fortunately. I went back to my general practitioner and they tried everything. Retin a, topical antibiotics and oral ones. It did help somewhat but not enough. Got forwarded to a dermatologist. They wanted to try accutane again, but that did not work well with my current medicine. So I got forwarded again to a Skin therapist. They d
  3. No worries, my derm put me on it for 1 year on 30mg a day. Same acne issue as you. Heavy scaring and all the acne underneath the skin. If you're still not sure I would make a appointment with your derm to talk about it.
  4. I currently weigh 80kg so I can take more without any further problems. (I hope). The only side effect I really have is dry lips and flaky skin, but thats easily treatable.
  5. You should be fine. My derm told me that your body builds a supply of accutane inside and pulls it from there one at the time. That supply lasts around ten days.
  6. Same problems here. Just made a rule for myself that I only drink max two beers and not more. And for those intrested I say that more drinks would probably kill my liver and that I need to be cautious because of the medicine. Never had any problems
  7. Hello all, I've now bin on accutane for almost 7 months (30 mg a day) and I still have active acne. It has gone down substantially, yes and it it far less red. I still get a pimple now but thats rare. The acne is mostly on my cheeks and on my shoulders. Is this normal or should I maybey be on a higher dose? Cause I read al these stories on the internet that people where clear after 4-6 months but I'm still on it. My dermatologist said I coul be on it for up to 9 months and maybe even lon
  8. Really depends on how bad your acne is and what your weight is. I have severe acne and weigh 82kg. I'm on 30mg once a day and thats helping very well! Good luck!
  9. Thank you both for your answers! Just got my accutane pills and they're not huge as I feared. And; they taste well, like nothing really. So you would reccomend using dan's moisterizer in the evening and the olay during the day? With the vaseline for my lips of course . Thanks
  10. Hello all, In a week i'm starting on accutane for 30mg a once a day. However, I do have few questions and I hope that you can answer them. 1) How does accutane taste? Like paracetamol? Can you chew on them and break them into tiny pieces? I heard the pills are massive and I have a problem with large pills. 2) Which products would you reccomend for my lips and as moisterizer? I have vaseline and dan's moisterizer (new formula). Should I do that at night or at night and in the morning?
  11. I have the exact same thing as you do. No paupules on the forehead, and on my right cheek, there's acne, but then it suddenly stopes. Also the summer - winter time sounds very familiar. The only thing that helped for me is the acne regimen and then loads of BP. (3 pumps as you say) I'm going to follow this thread for now .
  12. Hello all, I just thought about all this, and how my face is finnaly improving. I made this overvieuw for you so that you can learn from it. First of all, a little introduction: I'm Niek, from the Netherlands currently 21 years old. I've bin suffering from acne from my 14th. I've had acne all over my face with every inch occupied so to say. I've started to use the regimen almost three years ago, and it never helped. Yes, it helped to some degree, but always stopped after that. I was very f
  13. I'm a believer now. I can say: THANK YOU!! to the orginial poster who posted this tip. In only a few days, my face is clearer, and far less red. The marks are beginning to fade aswell. Should be all good in a few weeks I think. Thanks again!!
  14. I have no idea, you'll just have to try .
  15. Hi guys Just got my bottle of pure emu oil straight from Australia. Just applied it. It's diffecult to describe how it feels, but it feels like someone is in my skin kicking all the marks out for good. We'll see how it goes in the next few days!