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  1. Have been feeling pretty bad about my face this weekend Was looking at old photos from a year or so ago with totally smooth cheeks, I'm so worried I'll never have that again. I haven't really been getting many new zits but I'm worried a lot lately about the long term effects of the marks left behind. This sort of hit me when someone at a nail salon didn't believe I was an undergrad... and also, it's been rarer and rarer for me to get carded lately. I think this skin is making me look older If
  2. Hey! It's been a while. Luckily, my skin problems haven't been the only thing on my mind lately. Yay! I do still have a lot of redness/roughness, but it's much better, not that visible with makeup on, and I guess I've sort of adjusted to its presence. Still only on 25mg of Spiro, maybe I'll convince my doctor to do more at my next appt. Got a new deep spot on my forehead today, not too big but still the first in a while. Starting to eat a more Primal Blueprint style diet, hoping this will
  3. Had a follow up appointment today. I guess my improvement has been significant enough that we're just sticking with what I have been doing, rather than upping the dose of Spironolactone. Kind of disappointing, because it seems like most people have gotten much clearer results on higher doses. Oh well, still moving in a positive direction, most of what's left on my face is the purply red marks rather than actual swelled up spots. I do have one or two small new zits, the first in a while, and it'
  4. Thank you for the supportive comments - this site is such a lovely source of support and has really helped keep me optimistic, even on the most dark days in this face-fixing quest!! lmd87: I am actually still on only 25mg of Spiro per day - today is day 28 of that. But I'm fairly certain my progress as of now has been mostly because of sticking with the antibiotics (Doxy + Benzaclin) and also Acnescript has been helpful. I was supposed to have an appointment for Spiro follow up last week, but t
  5. I posted this in my log, but I don't think people really read that, and I'd love to see what other people think on this topic, and if anyone else has felt the same way. You know what drives me crazy, which is sad because it's kind of shallow, is when someone posts/tags a picture on Facebook where my face CLEARLY looks terrible/disgusting. Today an acquaintance who's a photographer posted this intense, high-def close up of my face where every little flaw was completely visible (and the photo was
  6. Progress still moving in similar direction ... was supposed to have Spiro follow up appointment today, but when I got to health services, there were fire trucks everywhere so I couldn't go (???). Will have to reschedule to try to up the Spiro dose, though things have been making positive progress. You know what drives me crazy, which is sad because it's kind of shallow, is when someone posts/tags a picture on Facebook where my face CLEARLY looks terrible/disgusting. Today an acquaintance who's
  7. Aw, sorry to hear that the Spiro isn't working out for you Your log was one of the first I checked when I first considered going on it, and it seemed promising for a while there! If you're interested in trying out new things that might not be a completely cure-all, I feel like AcneScript has made a noticeable difference in my acne... it's not a 100% cure, but it's certainly helped things along since I started taking it. I feel like my redness is decreased/my spots last less time/my oiliness is
  8. Last night two of my friends separately told me that my face was looking a lot better - yay! I overscrutinize my skin so much that sometimes I feel like it's looking better and other times I still feel like it still looks simply terrible. But I think the end is in sight within the next few months, and I have to remember that it hasn't been long since it was always leaking pus or bleeding and I couldn't touch my face at all without it hurting, now I at least have a solid layer of skin that I can
  9. I got past the first interview for the job I mentioned in the last post! This makes me feel much better about the state of my face, as shallow as that may be. It feels a lot less inflamed. I doubt that the 25mg/day of Spiro is doing much just yet (going in for a blood test this week for the potassium thing) so I think Acnescript has really been helping calm things down, combined with Benzaclin/Doxycycline once daily. I'm thinking I'll eliminate Benzaclin after this jar, which is still pretty ful
  10. New photos 7/9: Photobooth sure is good at making redness look absolutely horrible. It's a bit less gross in real life, I guess. It's starting to look like multiple spots instead of one giant one. I have a retail job interview this afternoon (need a second job)... I really hope this doesn't keep me from getting it. It's at a place that requires me to have certain skills, and I'm very qualified, but I also don't know if they want the face of their company to be covered in nasty zits. Plus I
  11. So far, I haven't had any negative side effects with the 25 mg dose of Spiro, so that's good. I have to wait another week or two to get the blood tests for potassium levels, but after that, hopefully I'll be able to up the dose. We've had a horrible heat wave over the past week or so, and I don't have an air conditioner, so this humidity that I'm sleeping in probably really isn't helping. It's been really hard to find a used one though, I'm sure everyone else wants one too. Nonetheless I thin
  12. I love these! I've been having these for breakfast some mornings because they're so great in the summer. I like to eat it out of a bowl, it's like a big sorbet. I usually do: 1 can Goya coconut water 1/2 frozen banana 1 handful frozen mixed berries 1 handful frozen pineapple 1 tbsp sunflower seed butter 2 handfuls baby spinach I bought Kale too, but it's far too tempting to use that for Kale chips instead!
  13. What I'm finding more and more is that topicals just aren't enough if the issue's coming from inside. :( For some people, their acne is a surface issue and is easily treated by topicals, for others, there's something deeper going on. There are definitely multiple ways to address hormonal acne though, you could experiment with a low carb/sugar diet to try to keep hormonal spikes under control more holistically if you'd rather not go on a pill. But I've heard good things about ortho tri cyclen, so
  14. If you're breaking out around your period, your acne is almost definitely related to hormones, not just bacteria. You really don't want to be on antibiotics long-term, it's terrible for your body, messes with digestion, immunity, and a plethora of other things, so it's best not to think of those as a permanent solution. I also feel like you probably don't really need an antibacterial soap in addition to a topical antibiotic, it might be better to switch to something even more gentle. Antibacter
  15. Moving this to an actual log, now that I'll be starting Spironolactone (and I realized this was becoming a log anyway): http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Spironola...ox-t272107.html Thanks so much for everyone's replies, this board is a fantastic resource!!