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  1. Hi Ello, I just want to let you know that there are a lot of acne sufferers who are facing psychological problems, same as you do, including me. I'm also obsessed about my look and avoid looking into any reflections(mirror) of myself whenever I can, because I know that I will get more depress over it. I would also blame god and my parents for the acne...but still I would have to accept the way I am. Currently I am researching intently on the various methods to cure acne, hopefully finding a mir
  2. Well, I would pay not more than $3,000. Everyone dreams of being perfect anyway
  3. I'm also prescribed tretinoin gel today by my dermatoloist. And he did tell me that it will help in reducing scarring.
  4. Hi silverangelx, It seems like your skin may not be able to handle the high concentration of BP over prolong period, you could try reducing the amount of BP usage for each day. Alternatively, you could use BP treatment on alternate days,eg. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, hence giving your skin a one day rest. Hope it helps
  5. Hi all, I just started switching to using Neutrogena BP product two days ago. And these two days, Im having a lot of pustules and a few cysts breakouts. I'm very concerned about it, is this normal occurrence or what? Should I continue using the BP product?
  6. Hi, I saw this post a few days ago and decided to try the products you listed. So far, I got the moisturizer and the cleanser. However, as for the Benzac, I can't seem to find it. Hence, I switched to the Neutrogena cream. Hope it works...
  7. -Making new friends -Avoiding girls -Passing out on friends -Avoid going outside to have fun -Afraid of mirrors for fear of seeing my acne skin -Fear of looking for a part time job -Avoid taking photos
  8. Hi all, I've read through the regimen that washing the face 2 times is more than enough already. I would assume it meant by washing using cleanser and water. However, is it ok if i wash my face with just water for more than 3 times a day? As my skin gets oily easily and I would get very uncomfortable, I find that although I washed my face with water, it would still feel a bit oily. Thereby, it shouldnt make my skin too dry etc