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  1. would a doc give me two months worth? Would ipledge allow that? I hate ipledge by the way...
  2. I will need to go abroad for two months at around my 5 month mark and my doc said I prolly need 6 to 7. Any similar experiences? Any suggestions? You think I'd be okay with just finishing up my lst two months once I get back? Thanks!!
  3. Day 17 with 20mg/day. and the oil isn't bad anymore!!! Starting yesterday my face didn't get super oily within 3 hours of washing.
    Good coverage Matte finish Doesn't feel heavy Easy to apply (fool-proof) Doesn't exacerbate acne I love this foundation. I have active acne and scarring and this gives great coverage. You can easily control the amount of coverage. i prefer to apply with a dense powder brush and if it looks powdery, I'll spray some Evian spray to set the makeup. It doesn't have mica in it which causes me to break out more so that is great. If you want to even out your skin, c
  4. Don't dwell on what you said. She will consider you someone she can trust now which is a really good thing! Just be outgoing and confident in your behavior and it will make her realize that although you do have insecurities, you are a strong person and are able to let your personality and charisma show through. You sound like a really great guy!
  5. I chose abstinence and Ipledge and my doc were fine with that. I can't take BCP because I had a mini-stroke and blood clotting issues. They can't make the pill mandatory if you choose abstinence. But like previous posters said, the doc has control of writing the rxn. So although I would hate to condone lying, if you just take the rxn and never fill it, the doc wouldn't be any the wiser and it would not harm you or your health in anyway.
  6. And you were on 20mg/day. Okay, cool. I can't wait for day 20!
  7. Thanks Ella, It's super hot here in So Cal so I'm not sure either. But I swear I am greasier than normal. I'm at day 7 so hopefully in another week, I'll start seeing a difference. Good luck with you! And as far as muscles taking longer to heal... I though it's not suppose to have much impact on muscles as it does joints. Either way, I hope you feel better soon.
  8. 7 days into Isotretinoin at 20mg/day (I'm 5'3, 105lbs). And my face is still a grease pit! When did the oil subside for you?? Thank you in advance!
  9. Hey Ella, Do you remember when the oil production starts slowing down? I'm on day 6 of 20 mg/day and I'm waiting everyday for the oil slick to go away. Thanks!! -Monkeytron
  10. Hey Accutane users, What kind of eye drops do you recommend? Thank you in advance!
  11. Maybe since you have been on Accutane before, this less intense treatment will work this time?? I know how you feel though! But you should definitely give it a shot. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  12. Very oily skin is more likely caused by hormone levels in your body.
  13. Thanks for your input. I might buy just glucosamine, vit E, and fish oil separately if the ingredients list is too complicated.
  14. Is it okay to take Osteo-BiFlex while taking accutane? Has anyone does this? Thank you!