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  1. "wheat is hard to digest" are fully made up.

    Please do some research before you engage in helping people. Maybe a bit of medicine and nutrition studies would help clear your mind.

    I hope there won't be many people listening to you here because all you say is sheer humbug.

  2. Xena, I read one of your comments about acne and decided to look at your other contributions.

    I have no idea where you are getting your evidence from ("there's a lot of evidence from acne sufferers and studies that prove otherwise").

    But statements like:

    "Acne is a digestive issue"

    "spikes your blood sugar level"

    "wheat is hard to d

  3. Hi there Boy I'm glad I caught you just in time. I haven't been able to check my email as I've been out in Montreal this past week without a computer. Your daughter doesn't have to starve herself. She needs to eat vegetables. Vitamin A, sulfur, and Vitamin C are some of the very best nutrients your body can have, and best of all, the foods they are in don't have to taste bland. And you don't have to take supplements either-don't believe any of that crock about supplementation or topical uses
  4. You really don't need to see a derm to solve your acne. Acne is a digestive issue. If your skin is flaring up it means that your liver is too overworked trying to convert junk food/meat protein/milk/wheat into proper nutrients your body can handle. Once you start feeding it easily digeastible foods like veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, you should see a dramatic change in your skin. I know a lot of people don't like vegetables, or they only eat potatoes and corn and that's it, but there are lots
  5. I'm a little surprised that your marks didn't disappear when you were a raw vegan. I was on a raw food diet once and from eating purely vegetables and some fruit, my skin seemed to heal pimples in the afternoon when they appeared in the morning (possibly due to eating fruit-maybe I was sugar sensitive.) It was really amazing. But I eventually stopped because of social circumstances-it's kinda hard to be eating raw food when all the people around you are eating cooked-they kinda look at you funny
  6. Yeah I think quitting all meds is a good idea. Try changing your diet instead. Most dermatologists will say that has nothing to do with diet but there's a lot of evidence from acne sufferers and studies that prove otherwise. Typically, cutting out milk and junk food and sticking to a low GI (glycemic index) diet is the way to go-these are foods that won't spike your blood sugar. You might want to consider cutting out wheat too, as this is hard for the body to digest and can contribute to acne an
  7. Hi there I just came across a site that talked of natural cures for diabetes. Not to give any false hope, but it seemed helpful, citing chromium and bitter gourd as some things to take when you have it. It also gives a recipe for a sweet vegetable drink that supposedly helps balance blood sugar. I'll post the link here: http://www.natural-cancer-cures.com/natura...etes-cures.html but in case that gets erased (I'm not sure I'm allowed to post links on here as I'm fairly new to the boards),
  8. You could check out this video I found on youtube the other day on how a woman cleared up her scars through a raw food diet. That's just a diet that refers to eating only fruits/vegetables/nuts/seeds since those are the most easily digestible foods and quickens the body's ability to heal itself naturally. I'm not sure I'm allowed to post the link, just look for "healing acne scars raw food" on youtube and you should come across it.
  9. Speaking as someone who's tried Accutane only to have the acne come back afterwards, and then had it cleared through dietary means, I'd have to say the more nutritional approach to curing acne is more preferable. Acne is caused by a poor digestive system and an overtaxed liver. The liver is what coverts food into nutrients the body needs...and for foods like fruits and veggies, it's fairly simple. But when you add processed junk, refined sugar, milk with hormones, the liver can be overwhelmed an
  10. That's interesting, helliotion, that organic fruit isn't as sweet as cheap fruit. I never thought of that before. I might just buy organic from now on. (Do they make organic pineapple?)
  11. Oops, hi tree23-only caught your post after I'd written my reply to helliotion. Yeah I saw your thread on going raw for a week-good on ya I hope it works out well for you. I'm hoping I can get even just half the results with a meat/veggie diet and exercise plan, though I'm not sure there are that many healing properties in meat I might have to reconsider eating fruit.
  12. Thanks for that reply, helliotion. I think you're right. I just googled something on youtube about clearing up acne scars with a raw food diet and this girl said her acne and scars cleared in a few weeks after eating only organic whole foods, nuts and seeds. So I guess that's good to know. I find being on such a diet a bit difficult when the rest of your friends/family are eating normal food. But I try to eat as many whole foods as I can, anyway. Right now it's the vegetables, because some frui
  13. Hi So I've had acne for over 10 years and for the past few months I've been eating a low GI diet but with fruit juices and some fruit (apples, pineapple). Most of my acne went away but some still remained. On someone's suggestion from here I decided to cut out fruit juices, and actually all fruit, plus cut out wheat, and just eat veggies and protein. And...success! I didn't get one new breakout (and I just tried it out today.) But what sucks is now I can see some scars on my face (sorry, I don
  14. Have you considered that the acne might be an internal problem? Lots of acne sufferers get trapped in the "topicals" routine and they put product after product on their faces hoping it will help their acne go away long term. Well you just end up becoming dependent on the product and spend more money than is necessary. Maybe try changing your diet. Cut out milk, replace it with rice milk/almond milk/soy milk. Cut out anything with hydrogenated oil in it. Peanut butter, mayonaisse, certain spre
  15. I can see your daughter's point about starving herself to get rid of acne. Acne does seem to be a digestion issue and when the body finishes digesting food it goes on to heal the skin and clear it up. I've tried it. HOWEVER, you cannot do that forever, and you eventually have to come to terms with how to eat a healthy diet so that the acne stays gone. For acne sufferers, that usually means cutting out cow's milk, refined sugars (in cakes, cookies and candy), hydrogenated oils (like in peanut but