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  1. just saw the comment that you put in my guestbook last month, and yes, everything is going absolutly amazing for me, thank you! hope the same for you! :-)

  2. soccerchick19

    doesn't irritate a 3rd degree sunburn extremely gentle on skin helps restore and maintain protective skin barrior moisturizes the best out of any other lotion i've ever tried reasonable price for the huge bottle it comes in that lasts forever available at any convienence store literally none! :-) to sum it all up, this is probably the hands down BEST moisturizer i've ever used, and let me explain why i think so highly of this product. first of all, about seven days ago
  3. to anybody who wants to help me!! ok, i have been on DK's regiman for close to a year now and really love it and don't get breakouts!! except for a week before my period i usually get a few, but thats normal! anyways, my last period was about three weeks or so, and a few days before it i got this small bump that had a white head. i thought no big deal, and tried to pop it and put AHA on it. it did pop, but not all the way, and still remained a bump. its stayed the same size like this for WEEKS!
  4. hey! hope all is going well with u :)

  5. thank you so much, i'll have to look into those!! but wouldn't the blistex fruit smoothies SPF 15 make you break out because it has sunscreen in it? because certian SPF's can make my face break out!
  6. ooooooookkkkkkkkkk so i typically use olay regenerist night cream (1.7 oz.) as a moisturizer for my nightly regimen and love it!! problem is that its $19 dollars with tax, and i find that a little steep for just a cream, so did some research! i heard that garnier had some good products, and came across garnier nutritioniste moisture rescue refreshing gel-cream! as far as the ratings go on here, it got a 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 reviews, which is really good!! and its only 7.99 at my local drugst
  7. well i had like three small blackheads on the bridge of my nose and squeezed them and the black liquid came out and relieved them! now the pores are normal! ) so it depends on how bad/how many blackheads you have!
  8. soccerchick19

    -shrinks down even the largest of pimples!! -makes skin smooth! -a little goes a long way! -i only use it as a spot treatment and leave it on over night, because if i put it all over my face it sort of dries it out! -smells strange, but i'll deal with it! -little blue beads in it are sometimes hard to rub in completely so the mask will start working, it just takes some time it get it perfect but i still love this! overall, i really do love this product!! i used to own proa
  9. anyone may feel free to leave me a comment! :)

  10. ok so i usually use Vasaline lip theropy instead of normal chapsticks or carmex to moisturize my lips, and because its stricktly petroleum jelly, it has never given me problems and works fine! but this morning i, for some stupid reason, grabbed a chapstick called lip vitamins and used it instead of the Vasaline (again, STUPID CHOICE!!) and low and behold, a few hours later, i check in the mirror, and i have a little red bump on the corner of my lip! i was like OH CRAP, WHAT THE HECK???!!! i i
    moisturizes excellently without making my face oily, cheap, a little goes a long way, doesn't make me break out, no annoying smell, helps with the slight dryness that the regiman causes me. none, really!! i would deffinatly reccomend this product to people who either have normal or oily skin, cause this is wonderful!! it takes care of the few flakes i get from BP, and makes my skin so smooth and hydrated!! i love it!! i can also get it at my local drugstore which is like five minutes away from m
  11. soccerchick19

    easy to use as an overnight spot treatment, with ok results, lasts a long time, helped certian pimples go down BARELY... and thats about it. dries out spot where you put it on, hard to wash off, doesn't really do that much for pimples! it also can like flake up if you try to move your face if its in a awkward spot... :/ i bought this product on a whimb, i'll admit it. i had a few under-the-skin zits and my friend has this and likes it, so i thought i would give it a go. turns out it did hardly a
  12. no, you should not reduce washing your face to once a day, your skin will most likely get oily and probably break out. i used to get REALLY bad dry skin that would flake constantly! but i found this cleanser called CeraVe. it comes in a large green pump bottle, and its truely incredible. it doesn't lather, which a soapy lather actually aggrivates acne i've learned, and also dries your skin out. this cleanser almost feels like a light lotion, but it washes off clean and makes my skin soooooo soft
  13. soccerchick19

    really balances out skin tone!!! beings that i have red hair and really sensitive skin! but it makes it non red and suuuper soft! and doesnt make my skin oily at all!! it also doesn't lather or foam up, which i heard is bad if you have acne anyways! and this is sooo gentle!! kind of has a strange consistency... feels a little like lotion, but whatever i dont care!! as long as it works, which it does!! :-) i would deffinatly reccomend this to anyone, really!! even my mom uses it! my face has take