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  1. shahnaz

    Need help on what to do with these scars

    I am suffering from scars. I believe I have all type of scars including box, ice pick and rolling scars from the pictures. What treatment would be best for my skin?
  2. Makes the skin so smooth

    This stuff is so good. I have been using this for nearly 2 months for my hyper-pigmentation along with Dan's regimen. Even though there is no drastic improvement in the appearance of the acne marks, I can see that the marks are fading slowly. I shall religiously continue to apply to get the outmost benefit. Applying AHA overnight, my skin feels so soft. Even when I glide my hand across the face, it gives the baby soft texture. I will come back and rate it 5, if I can see a noticeable improveme
  3. Try to use Dan's Bp. It really works
  4. shahnaz


    Treated my acne using Dan's products. Now I need help on my scars!
  5. Does TCA peel work for my kind of acne scar?