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  1. to hide my acne marks and whatnot holy shit and it's summer here it's become a habit if I don't wear a hoody outside I feel very anxious I'm giving myself by late august to completely get rid of my marks so i can just be normal outside and wear t shirts fml
  2. would you never have acne again? for example what if all you ate was egg whites, chicken breast, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, carrots, etc.
  3. I've been trying to get rid of my acne marks for the longest time and I just want to get rid of it ASAP already. I've been thinking of using Retin A at night and then using a 2% hydroquinone cream with sunblock on top during the day. Is it OK to do this? If I use both chemicals so closely together could they cause some type of negative reaction on my face and make my marks worse?
  4. I can eat pretty much whatever I want (sugar, fatty foods, etc.) and not get acne, so long as I take a lot of B vitamin pills with each meal
  5. hubpages.com/hub/Proactiv-Solution-Review