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  1. VisionInBlack

    My stupid sunblock!

    My crazy stupid sunblock made my face break out terribly! I went on a shopping trip to an outside mall and put on Coppertone sensitive. I knew there was the possibility that It would cause a problem, but I had faith that since the bottle said "Non-Comedogenic especially for sensitive skin" it would be OK. WRONG! Now I have one horrible evil blemish above my lip!!!!!!!! It was there monday after the trip, but it was miniscule so I ignored it. As the week's gone on, it's turned into a night
  2. Thanks for the advice! And for the list of ingredients.
  3. I can't use most sunblocks on the market. Right now I'm using Coppertone Sensitive and I think it made me break out. Last weekend I used it under my makeup and on my back because I went on an outside shopping trip and didn't want to get burned. Well, on monday I found a huge whitehead on my back! YUCK. And on my face were a ton of little whiteheads. I don't know if it was from the sunblock or from sweating. But I was wearing a backless sun dress, so my skin could breathe fine. Please rec
  4. VisionInBlack

    How much sun or vitamin d3 do you get?

    I always end up getting burned badly every year, because I love to go swimming. And I can't wear most sunblocks because they make my skin break out. So this year I've vowed to stay out of the sun at the hottest time of day and go swimming in the evenings. I'm kind of torn on the subject because a tan does look good and it does dry up acne temporarily. But it also causes wrinkles, cancer spots and sun spots. And skin cancer is hereditary in my family.
  5. Maybe the little bumps are not acne at all. My step sister has those tiny bumps on her arms, back and a few on her face. It's called keratosis pilaris, a hereditary condition in which bumps of keratin protein congregate on the skin of the outer upper arms. She got it from her mom. Have you been to a derm? Maybe you should get one's opinion.
  6. VisionInBlack

    Product review: Foundation/Concealer

    For those who haven't read my blog...I have sensitive skin and almost all makeup causes breakouts and freakouts. So I've pretty much used every brand. When I first started using makeup it was: #1: Cover Girl foundation clean makeup with pressed powder. ( Pros: Lightweight and good color match, dries up acne. (Cons: It didn't cause me to break out at first but it started to make my skin flakey and dry around my nose. It seemed to dry up pimples, but more and more would start popping
  7. VisionInBlack

    love and accept yourself?

    I think that makes a lot of sence. I have high self esteem but it can crash and burn if something breaks out of my face or someone says something negative. I can understand why you are nervous to see relatives in your more recent posts.
  8. VisionInBlack

    Trial and Error

    Yeah, tea tree makes my skin freak out too. It's good for fighting bacteria, but not good for sensitive skin. Try witch hazel astrengent instead, I think it's works better then glycerin saops. I wonder if there are witch hazel glycerin soaps...hmmmmm? Oh well, Hope this helps!
  9. VisionInBlack

    Accutane Week 1 Day 8

    I hope your treatment works, without severe side effects. Good luck!
  10. VisionInBlack

    5 weeks on differin

    Maybe you have really sensitive skin and that causes the breakouts? I know that I always thought I had actual acne, But I realized that the chemicals in certain products were the cause. So I switched to natural witch Hazel astringent and left all of the damaging and drying acne products out. I'll only use a spot treatment every once in a while when I have a breakout. And I use an organic scent and dye free lotion. Hope this helps...good luck!
  11. VisionInBlack

    Day 107 Improving!

    I have a problem with chapped lips too. Try Carmex moisture plus. It's great.
  12. VisionInBlack

    Blog No. 1 - Introduction

    I've never heard of using Lime or Aloe before. I have acne plus really sensitive skin, so it would probably cause me to totally ignite! lol. I hope your skin gets better before your prom...good luck.
  13. VisionInBlack

    day 31

    Good luck, I hope you don't baloon.
  14. VisionInBlack


    I really hate those spots that seem to take forever to fade...I wish you well.