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  1. I hope you can provide updates on your results! I'm looking into doing the same procedure for the bumps on my chin.
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    Ack, double posted by accident. Please ignore/delete this post
  3. I have some hypertrophic scars on my nose that resulted from multiple flareups of cystic acne. I got the first scar around 8 years ago. I've had so many cysts on my nose that I have lost track. The newest scar is 4 years old and it's the only one not grouped together with the others. I'm currently using silicone gel and I actually do see some results but only on the newest scar. It probably shrank down by half after using the gel for about a month. I'm thrilled it's actually working but my older
  4. From personal experience, moisterizing more did noticably decrease sebum production. I wash my face once a day at night so this is when I moisterize. I used to only use about a pearl sized amount of moisterizer but when I tripled the amount, the next day, my face was a lot less oily. My skin used to get shiny after only 1-2 hours and if I left it alone, by the end of the day, it was an utter oil slick. There was so much it would get in my eyes and burn. Now that I moisterize more, it is no where