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  1. Natalie11


    Yeah I think it helps, but the thing I notice most about it as how fast it dries up zits.
  2. Natalie11


    It's been quite a while since the last time my wrote, but I just wanted to say how happy I am! My skin looks so good! I honestly only have one or two zits left! that's it! And they're hardly noticeable too! I have red marks, but my skin is completely smooth and flat! I love it! This stuff really does get rid of acne. Well anyways, that's all I have to say!
  3. Natalie11

    4 weeks

    Hello! Last week I mentioned I broke out, but since then it has really gotten better. The only place on my face that seems to be having a harder time getting clear is the right side. Everything else has gotten a lot better. The right side is better, but it's just going slower than the rest of my face. Well that's all for now!
  4. So it's been three weeks. I did get a little frustrated because I my skin broke out a little, but from reading the "what to expect" thing on the this website, I guess that's pretty normal. I'm still going to stick with it though, because I have seen improvement. Anyways...that's it!
  5. Natalie11

    two weeks

    So It's been two weeks and I'm looking forward to see what else happens as time goes on. I can really see an improvement in my skin. My mom commented yesterday that my skin looks better, and I agree. I'm really happy because regimen really seems to be working for me, and I'm excited to have clear skin again! I do still have a few zits, and red marks from zits that used to be on my face. But I knew this was to be expected since I started. Zits that I do get seem to go away quicker too. If I do ha
  6. Natalie11

    one week

    It's been one week since I've started, and I'm excited! Excited to see what else happens, and excited because I'm seeing my skin starting to clear up. I really love the AHA+. I use it for a nighttime moisturizer, and I love what it does to my skin. My little sister who has really mild acne has started to use the regimen too. That's it for this week!
  7. I just got my products in the mail yesterday. I ordered the BP treatment AHA+ and jojoba oil. I didn't buy the cleanser or moisturizer because I have a cleanser and a moisturizer I bought previously that I really like (and it was expensive so I don't want to waste it). After using it yesterday morning & night, when I woke up this morning I thought I could see a slight improvement. Which was a good feeling for me:). It's easier to keep sticking with it if you see changes. I know, that it's no
  8. Bed Heads Moisture Maniac shampoo and conditioner is something you could try. My mom's friend is a master esthetician and that's what she suggested for me when I was breaking out on my head. It has to do with some ingredient it doesn't have that other shampoos do. I don't know if it cleared me up completely but it did stop me from breaking out more.