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Too expensive, but the best face sun screen available
This is by far my favorite sunscreen. It's won't break you out, and goes on smoothly without much of a white residue. For 6 years I've done The Regimen to keep my skin clear. I live in a cold weather climate and only have to worry about using sunscreen during the summer months on the weekends. I've normally used the Olay sunscreen recommended by Dan (Complete Moisture SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin). Olay does the job and shouldn't break you out. But it also seemed to leave my skin feeling kind of dr

By ThisUser,

A decent shaving cream
I've changed this review a bit, because I strongly prefer the acne.org cleanser over this shaving cream. Clean & Clear foaming cleanser is better too, if you like that.

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Best razor I've ever used for my neck. Better than Sensor Excel
Best razor I've ever used Extremely non-irritating, perfect for shaving the neck Good, close shave Have to buy handle separately from third-party supplier Attaching blade to the handle is weird at first, but you get the hang of it For many years I used 3-blade razors for shaving. Sometimes I even used a 5-blade razor. Several years ago I came to this web site and learned that 2-blade razors are best for acne-prone skin, so I switched to the 2-blade Gillette Sensor Excel. The Sensor Excel was (a

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The Regimen WILL clear your skin
The Regimen will clear you up if you USE AS DIRECTED Pharmaceutical grade products, very high quality Best acne products you'll find anywhere BP can bleach certain clothes and fabrics, so be careful Dry and tight skin at the beginning, but this goes away soon Let me be clear: The Regimen WILL clear your skin. Do it EXACTLY as outlined, and it WILL clear your skin. I owe it to Dan (who founded this site, along with The Regimen) to come back and write this review. I started using his products as o

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Excellent moisturizer
This moisturizer feels good on the skin. It is light, so it doesn't feel heavy on your face. It is not shiny or greasy, and gives your skin a good color or glow. Nice feel, nice look. Definitely will NOT break you out. Lightweight and soothing to the skin. Sometimes in the I'm updating my previous review. This is the best moisturizer on the market, bar none. And despite what some other grumpy reviewers say, it far superior to Dan's old moisturizer (which was last available three years ago, so g

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