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  1. Use Neutrogena On-the-Spot. It's cream based, so it won't glide to your skin as nicely as acne.org BP. But it will work.
  2. Too expensive, but the best face sun screen available

    This is by far my favorite sunscreen. It's won't break you out, and goes on smoothly without much of a white residue. For 6 years I've done The Regimen to keep my skin clear. I live in a cold weather climate and only have to worry about using sunscreen during the summer months on the weekends. I've normally used the Olay sunscreen recommended by Dan (Complete Moisture SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin). Olay does the job and shouldn't break you out. But it also seemed to leave my skin feeling kind of dr
  3. As WishClean demonstrated, my comment about holistic supporters not having "real acne" was inaccurate. So I sincerely apologize for my broad blanket statement. I have tried MANY of these treatments myself with minimal results. And it seems that I only hear stray stories of these remedies actually working. But I DO appreciate those who genuinely explore natural treatments. I hope in the future there is some way we can make these work and cure acne naturally. So, people like WishClean dedicatin
  4. Do those who promote natural alternatives even have real acne? Because people with legitimately serious acne are going to do what works. When you can get clear with something like the regimen or suffer through debilitating acne as a permanent guinea pig for holistic experiments, the choice is obvious. The search for plausible natural alternatives is as promising as the search for the Holy Grail. I welcome you all to study natural alternatives and I genuinely hope we get to a point in the futu
  5. Here's what I just posted on your blog: I absolutely love it! I’ve been around acne.org since 2008 and you guys have always had a great site design. But in the last year or so the site has really become incredible, and this is yet another step up. Great work!
  6. I've been using Olay for years. Should I consider one of the other two?
  7. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin has completely safe ingredients. It shouldn't cause breakouts.
  8. I think all of the acne.org products are much better than other products. They may seem a bit expensive at first, but with the amount you get, it's actually a great value and less expensive in the long run. You're right. BP is probably the most important product to get from acne.org. It's hard to find anything comparable on the market. When using a lot of BP for The Regimen, it's definitely the way to go. But I also strongly recommend the moisturizer. The problem with moisturizers is that so
  9. I'm a long-time user of acne.org products. As someone who uses AHA+ periodically for spot treatment and occasional exfoliation, I'd like to suggest that acne.org make it available in a smaller size. This product seems to have a short life cycle (I received a new bottle in February/March and its expiration date is September). I didn't even realize the expiration date was typically that quick, and usually kept my bottles a while longer. Even so, I have never come remotely close to using all of the
  10. Way too early. Stick with it. It can take up to 4 months to completely clear some people. That's how long it took me. I've been clear for 6 years now so the wait was definitely worth it. It goes faster for most, but one month is way too soon to judge.
  11. YES!!!!! They're finally here! I got an order very recently. Unfortunately it has the old labels. I'm excited that the new ones are here.
  12. It's fine to do the regimen on your neck. Just make sure to moisturize and start slowly, as you would for the face. The main concern to worry about with using BP on the neck is bleaching your shirt collars.
  13. 90% of users believe orlando158 is making up these unattributed statistics. Don't believe me? Well, you must be a mindless sheep. Why use logic or reputable data when a random guy on a message board can serve as the unquestioned authority?
  14. You realize you can use drugstore products, right? So how is it a scam? The Regimen is similar to ProActiv, but ProActiv was way too aggravating to me and didn't use enough BP to completely clear skin. Exactly. Muffhandz is the one with something to lose. Not us. We're a testimony of the results.
  15. To clarify the post above, The Regimen does not have 10% Glycolic acid. AHA+ is an optional product acne.org sells that is not actually part of The Regimen. The treatment of The Regimen is 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide.