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  1. Hmm.. your B-day is the same day as mine.. and we're the same star sign of course.. I even write as you. I guess the stuff about star signs is true..
  2. Hi.. just started Accutane or thinking about it? Don't worry the leap can feel treturous the reward extraordinary . Things to know: You will get dry, maybe not a week, maybe not two weeks you will GET DRY! 2. If you're worried about more superficial things such as oil, white heads, black heads? Accutane will also help you in that area. *MODERATOR EDIT. READ THE BOARD RULES* 3. Drink plenty of water but know what is plenty and what is just damn right ignorant. I see so many people going on
  3. I'd say hold off on the mega water drinking. On this forum I am always seeing people type and type about how much water they drink on Accutane, fine! That is great just don't forget we as HUMAN beings don't have high doses of Vitamin a in our systems and it is only when we supplement with Accutane we acquire such large doses. Vitamin A is soluble... means we constantly have to keep putting it back in our bodies because we pee it out long story short! Yes it absorbs in our fat.. but it is only l