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  1. Actually she does and has been practicing for over 30 years and has put many people on accutane but hasn't had a female patient on it in a while for whatever reason.
  2. Glad to hear that yours is clear. I just found out my derm misunderstood the whole iPledge 30 day wait. So she is just registering me today and I have to wait 30 days from today before I can even start now (she thought they based it on my pregnancy tests). I'm pretty upset. I mean I know it's just a delay, but still I was thinking that I was going to start sometime next week. *sigh*
  3. lillyholic yes exactly! Well I am one of those college kids except that I am not the traditional age for college and so I'm a bit older than most of my classmates (by about 4-8 yrs). And yet my skin looks like I'm about 16 right now! So frustrating and embarrassing. I am determined to not let it affect my school work though so I force myself to go to class, but most days I just wish we could have a virtual classroom or something. =/
  4. I am sorry that is so frustrating! I feel you. I have become sensitive to a lot of things that once worked for me as well. That is what I'm scared of is that I will be 40 one day and still dealing with this. =/ Yes it does. Makes it extra embarrassing. Like we were supposed to get this over and done with in our teens, but for whatever reason did not.
  5. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences! Pretty much everyone I am talking to about this is encouraging me to do the accutane and so I am really leaning that way. Basically I found out that I can afford it (good internship during this coming summer yay everything is working out!) so unless something unforseen happens (high triglycerides unexpectedly or something lol) I am going to do it. Got my first pregnancy test yesterday and I am going to be calling the derm to set up the final appointmen
  6. Ugh yes exactly! Like right now is the week after my period when my skin normally starts to look well...almost normal haha. And so right now the cysts are going down and all but I know right around the corner is another nightmare explosion hahaha. Well the good news is that I always underestimate my derm. I go in there all ready to try to convince her of how devastating this is to me and that this isn't working etc etc, but I didn't even need to she took one look at my skin and was not pleased
  7. Thanks everyone! I have a dermatologists appointment tomorrow. I am going to ask about spiro. I just don't want to get hung up on one thing and just start believing that it's destined to work and then end up not being able to take it due to some sort of side effects from it. If you look at reviews for spiro there are plenty of people who love it but there are also plenty who say they loved it but had to stop taking it too.
  8. Yes I am aware of the differences between birth controls. Thanks though. I decided to try saw palmetto. I'm pretty skeptical about natural stuff lol just because there's often times no logical or scientific thought behind why they work and no research done that shows they work. However, after researching it, saw palmetto seemed to have at least some valid scientific thought behind it so I figured heck I might as well try it and see. Yes I've thought about spiro. I may ask my derm about i
  9. @aze and @Sasch83, Oh I already have changed my diet, although for reasons other than for my skin. I never had any intention of trying to clear my skin through diet but then I just so happened to change it in the way that everyone tells you to change it for your skin. It has done zilch for me unfortunately skin wise. In other areas it's fantastic and so don't get me wrong I love eating this way! But it doesn't help my skin. Also I have been very patient with these topicals...I've been using
  10. Yeah and it's weird because I took Yaz before and it was great, cleared up my skin and I had no side effects. This time around was a different story though. Strange. Ok thanks I will look into it. =) Oh looks like that one is not available in the US unfortunately. =(
  11. Hi! Sorry this will be kind of a sad rant, but I'm just so discouraged I need to get it out somewhere. I have become so self-conscious and depressed about my skin lately that I literally don't leave the house other than to go to class or to the store if I absolutely need something. = / I am currently so frustrated with my skin it is making it difficult to concentrate on anything else. I used to have beautiful (seriously flawless) skin. I always had mild acne, but using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide
  12. I feel you! I am close to 26 and about the same age as you I just started to lose control of my skin for some reason. I had very mild acne that was kept perfectly under control with benzoyl peroxide and it was no big deal. My skin was beautiful. Then slowly the breakouts started to increase. I also never had pronounced pores as you said and now they are just so gross to me. I don't know that I have much advice except maybe to try benzoyl peroxide since you can't afford a derm and it sounds li
  13. Hi! Out of desperation when it seems nothing else is helping I asked my Dr. about putting me back on bc for my acne. I have tried both Yaz and Ortho. Yaz makes me a bitch just ready to take your head off for no reason and Ortho makes me ready to burst into tears at any second...and after that I might just bite your head off. Basically horrible mood on them both. I've also had some issues with depression before and so that makes me nervous about any birth control because I know that they can c
  14. The initial flareup your experiencing wouldn't actually be caused by the minocycline. It is more that your body was depending on the doxy to keep your acne at least somewhat at bay and since you took that away, it suddenly has nothing. If the minocycline works then this flareup will go away after the mino has time to work, but it's going to take a little while. It will most likely help some, because even if you have some antibiotic resistant bacteria, these antibiotics cut down on inflammation a
  15. Ok so I just have to add that even changing your diet and the whole natural, holistic approach that he is recommending is not guaranteed to do squat for your face. I have done the whole change in diet etc etc (for reasons other than my skin) and while I will say that I feel FANTASTIC because of the way I eat (no grains, added sweeteners or anything very starchy basically, or anything processed, lots of veggies, healthy fats, good sources of protein etc etc the list goes on...) it has done nothin