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  1. So a while ago I posted on here that when I drank diet sodas, I boke out, so I stopped drinking them. I had 2 people argue with me that fake sugars don't effect acne. Well, they were wrong. Just saw a new study that fake sugars kill good bacteria in your intestines. It has been proven several times acne can be related to an inbalance of good/bad bacteria in your intestines, which is why people who have digestive disorders usually (more often than not) have acne. So just thought I'd share that wi
  2. I'm sorry I don't But I know the store where I buy my products has a whole section for men's health. So I would just do some searching online, and maybe a health food store if you have one near you. Good luck! Natural really is the best way to go.
  3. Sorry it took so long to reply! I take it everyday, even through my period. I did stop one month during my period and I broke out the week after :/ weird. So I take it all the time. Still haven't had any problems. As far as fertility goes, my doctor actually told me it can INCREASE your chances, but I believe that depends on your hormonal balance, and what you're initial problem was. My estrogen levels were too low, so using the Wild Yam increased my estrogen and balanced my hormones. If you pro
  4. I think maybe I cursed myself making this post lol. J/K. But I did get a cycstic pimple on my cheek but I know it's from the microdermabrasion kit from Olay because I used it and a day later it showed up. So DON"T use it! I'm not too upset about it, I've been clear so long, and trying new things I knew something like this would probably happen. I'm ok with being the guinea pig Just make sure you don't use it!
  5. I use Oregon's Wild Harvest and I take 3 capsules a day, which is 1200mg. I take them all at once before I got to bed. I buy it at my local herb store but I think you can get it at Whole Foods and I know you can buy it directly from their website. I like their brand because its gluten free and organic. Hope it works for you guys!
  6. Just wanted to give an update: NO ACNE! Not one, single, pimple since July. I've been on the Wild Yam since June and its absolutely amazing! I'm just upset that I wasted 14 years covering my face with chemicals instead of trying what should have been obvious; working from the inside out. Its not your skin, its whats going on inside your body that's giving you presistent, serious acne. I just hope more people begin to realize this before they do more damage to their skin. I'm only 27 and now batt
  7. Sorry it took so long to respond... Yes Wild Yam works wonders for me. I honestly believe its the main if not only reason I'm having such sucsess. Its an herb that has been used for womens hormonal balance for thousands of years. It actually says on the bottle for women's health (or the brand I use does) I found out about it because my mom was using it in place of hormone therapy when she had a hysterectomy. My mom also had cystic acne for most her life, and when she started taking it, her acne
  8. Try Proactiv Extra strength. It works great for me. Its 6% BP instead of 2% and the toner is 1% salicylic acid. You won't even know they have it unless you ask for it. I get mine at the kiosk in the mall but you can probably ask for it if when you call to order. Using this and a healthy diet, I've had clear skin for 2 months, just working on the scars now. Good luck.
  9. Yikes! All these side effects you mentioned sound scary! Along with all the crazy stuff going on now, with the court cases, saying accutane causes ulcerative colitis, liver problems, kidney problems, Esophageal cancer, depression, birth defects, etc. It causes back pain and nose bleeds too?! Thats crazy I think I'd take acne over any of that but thats just me. I hope you have none of these problems and that it works for you! Good luck!
  10. I've been taking Wild Yam extract for 2 months now and it has worked wonders on my skin. Just wondering if anyone else has tried it and what their results were?
  11. I'm 27 and I've been dealing with acne since I was 13 and it is definitely hormonal. When I was 16-19 it went away for a while, not completely, but it was mild. Started getting worse after that, with the worst acne ever in my life starting @ 24. I've tried everything short of accutane; I was even using the BP regimen before there even was internet or an acne.org. It didn't work. I finally realized one day that all these chemicals I'm putting on my skin can't be that great. I got premature wrinkl
  12. Wow I read the rest of your posts. Your parents sound like they suck. But you have to get it through to them somehow that this is serious. If they won't listen, research counseling centers in your area. Or maybe talk to a teacher at school? If you go to a counseling center or a crisis center in your area, don't worry about money, they won't turn you away. You HAVE to tell somebody what you're going through
  13. That's not stress that's depression. Clinical depression can make your head and body hurt. And the fact that you don't want to live anymore, well that just about proves it. You need to seek help from a counselor asap.
  14. What are you using? The BP regimen? If you are I would maybe suggest only using it at night and using something gentle in the morning. The peeling and everything will go away eventually, you just have to get through it. But if your skin is really hurting, don't torture it. Everybody just wants to kill the acne, they forget that its their skin thats suffering as well! And hurting your skin only makes acne worse, and can leave permanent damage. I know it sucks but you have to be grateful for what
  15. I used to. I've had acne, ranging in severity, for about 12 years. I cannot remember a time before acne. It has shaped who I am; it has made me a loner, someone that doesn't go out much. It's made it so that I take pleasure in introspective activities. I used to feel depressed, but now that depression feels like a part of me. I just spend 80% of my time alone now. I am fortunate in that I work from home. My advice? Don't let it happen to you too. You don't have to be like me. Go out, have a go