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  1. IntoTheSun

    Skincare for dry skin with acne

    Having dry skin and acne is very unfair. Most products that heal acne can be drying, so it just makes you more uncomfortable. Here are products I used when on accutane (which drys your face up like nobodys business) that really helped. 1. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream- Everyone usually uses Aquaphor when on accutane, or for dry spots. I had beed using aquaphor as lip ointment, but immediately stopped when I learned what was in it. Petroleum and chemicals. EW! Never again. I have sinc
  2. IntoTheSun

    Retin A: A skin miracle product?

    I'm the kind of person that loves to browse the shelves of WholeBody and drool over their assortments of gorgeous lotions and potions. After several years of being a skin care fanatic, though, I do know what exactly will turn back the clock on one's skin. The answer? Retin A. Retin A is a cream that is prescription only, and is converted by your body into vitamin A. Vitamin A is amazing for your skin, and has been proven (with evidence) to significantly reduce acne, sun damage, and wrinkles. Wha
  3. IntoTheSun

    Acne+Sun= NO!!!!!!!!

    My worst skin condition..... I don't know about you all, but when I had acne I always loved to sun bathe and get a dark exotic tan. I felt that the tan would hide my skin's zits and bumps, because everyone associates tans with healthy, flawless skin. Well, the tan would look great while it lasted, but when it went away all I had was sun damaged skin. So not only did I still have acne, but after years of sunbathing (about 3) I ended up with the horrors of sun damage as well: enlarged
  4. IntoTheSun


    I just wanted to say welcome to my blog and hope you find success with my advice! Everything I recommend to you all I have used on myself and have found to be effective and good for the skin. I never will suggest products that contain harsh chemicals (ouch!) and petroleum by-products. My philosophy is that green is the best for your skin, so feed it with products that contain natural plant esssences and oils. Thanks!