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  1. As the title suggests... my skin is ridiculously dry and it's never NOT flaking. I've tried various moisturizers (including Dan's), Jojoba oil, AHA, and the combination of the first two with no success. I need your help. What can I do?! PS: I am a swimmer so I am exposed to humid conditions and different chemicals daily. However, I've been on a break for a week and my skin still remains as flaky as before. Suggestions?
  2. I'm virtually free of all breakouts, however I have a "layer" of small bumps all over my face. You can't see the head with a naked eye, but when squeezed, reveals a VERY small whitehead. What causes this type of acne? I stopped wearing foundation.. I'm thinking it may be the moisturizer. I'm using Cerave. Any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations? PLEASE POST! Thanks!
  3. What is the difference between Loose Powder Foundation and Compact Powder Foundation (Both mineral type). The physical differences are obvious... but does one cause you to break out more? Cover better? Let me know! PS: Brand is Neutrogena
  4. Since I swim so often.. is it necessary for me to use cleanser and BP when my skin is already dry enough from the chlorine and facility? Will chlorine kill the bacteria on my skin that is possibly an acne threat?? Right now I'm only using Dan's AHA... moisturizes and exfoliates!!
  5. I use Cerave.. I don't think it's natural but it certainly doesn't cause me to break out
  6. As much as I hate putting these pics up, I'm hoping someone will have some insight into what can help me with my skin. All comments are welcome and appreciated! This includes regimine options and possible causes. I'm a swimmer, so my skin is DRY like no other.
  7. I was wondering two things: 1) Will certain foods cause you skin cells to shed fast (Exfoliate)? 2) Will certain foods cause your skin cells to stick together and remain on the surface (sugar, etc)? Thanks for your input!
  8. That's alright, thanks so much for posting! Someone once said that acne is caused only by skin cells sticking together (obviously others.. these "sticky" cells hold in bacteria, dry skin, etc) I'm hoping the aha will hydrate and remove skin quickly, I'm already seeing awesome results :)
  9. As cheesey as this may sound, I feel like I had a revelation this morning during practice lol. My skin is always very dry after swimming, regardless of the amount of moisturizer I used. When I woke up this morning, I splashed warm water on my face then put some Cerave lotion on it. Felt pretty nice. I just got home from practice, and I realized my face feels the same way after I use cleanser and BP. Hmm... I've heard chlorine kills bacteria, so I'm going to try skipping cleanser and BP after pra
  10. My homecoming is in a week, and I'm getting really nervous! My skin looks better, but I still have a few zits and some stubborn red marks. Currently I just used a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and eyeliner. What do you recommend for an occasion like this? I want something with good coverage that won't clog my pores. Anyone use color corrector (applied yellowish) or concealer (skin color)? Which works best? Post your experience below! Thanks so much!!!
  11. I am a firm believer in the whole "you are what you eat" slogan; however, I believe additional factors may influence one's breakouts. I have been following a strict diet (no white bread, dairy, sugar, caffeine) for as long as I can remember, fearing breakouts. However, swimming started up for me on Monday. I practice every day after school, Saturday morning, and 3 mornings before school a week. So my skin is DRY, especially with BP. Well, just yesterday I got this MONSTER breakout on my face. P
  12. Obviously, we're all on this website for a reason. More than likely, we've all experienced more failures than we have successes. Nonetheless, it's never to late to start over, no matter how many times we've done in the past. There is ALWAYS hope, always a chance. So, this thread is for those people who wanted to try something new in their regimin and want to share it with everyone! No room for negativity here. Only encouragement will be returned, no criticism. With that being said, I'll start of