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  1. Just a question, and how much do you think these cost?
  2. Currently I am using differin .03%, benzoyl peroxide pads 6%, and this averno mild cleanserWhich I believe isn't good for my face because it has Salicylic acid in it... My face is dry occasionally and I just want to do the best for my skin. Any reccomendations to what cleanser I should change to?
  3. So, I have always gotten little zits here and there. Get a big one, it goes away after a while. But a few days ago. I woke up, had breakfast, looked in the mirror and i looked like rudolph. So i popped my zit, and it got worse and worse, now, it's a huge scab. Now i have a few questions: How long is it gonna take for this scab/zit to go away? Is it gonna scar bad? & Is there a way to get this thing to dissapear quicker? Thanks... I really need help. Here's the pic of it: