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  1. I have never used a dermapen so I can't help you with that. But yes, you can use the serum without needling. Speaking from my experience, I would buy a 0.25mm or a 0.5mm dermastamp (or a roller), which you can use once a week. It shouldn't make your face red but the serum will penetrate the skin better.
  2. I'm also from Finland. You should look into dermastamping, copper peptides and l-ascorbic acid.
  3. Your scarring and hyperpigmentation is exactly like mine a few years ago! You said you're not worried about the scars but that's exactly what you should be worried about. Red marks will fade in time but scars are more than difficult to get rid of. If you still break out regularly I'd recommend you to go on Accutane; lowest dose and twice a day for three months. I wish I had gone on it earlier so I wouldn't have all these scars to deal with in the first place. During the last 5 years, I've re
  4. Amazing results! I'm going to give Tazorac a try soon
  5. I got my first 2.0mm dermastamp and I'm going to try it in a week.
  6. It's my first dermastamp so I can't compare it with other stamps. But I'm more than happy with the one that I have. Scarring actually looks worse a few days after stamping but I start to see improvements in three weeks or so.
  7. Yes, it seems like the stamp has raised edges on those pictures but in reality the stamp is just flat.
  8. I did my first dermastamp session six weeks ago and I'm starting to see some results. I already thought it wouldn't work but I'm very excited now!
  9. I stamped with a 1.5mm dermastamp for the first time four weeks ago. I experienced minimal amount of bleeding and my face got very red. But redness lasted only about four hours so I thought I didn't stamp hard enough. I did my second stamp session only a week after the first one. This time I pressed with more pressure and longer, and I experienced more bleeding. This time I was sure I did it right but redness was gone next morning. I guess I'm a fast healer. I did my third stamp session a week a
  10. Why's that? I mean why not acidic vitamin C? Is it harmful?
  11. I used a 1.5mm dermastamp for the first time on October 10. My face tured red and I had minimal bleeding. After I applied vitamin C serum on my face, it got much more redder. Next morning when I woke up and walked to the mirror. No redness at all! At first I thought that I didn't stamp hard enough but I still heard those cracks and pops when the needles broke the scar tissue. Surprisingly when I stamped my scars, it barely hurt, so I stamped harder. What do you think?
  12. I just used my 1.5mm dermastamp for the first time. Two hours before the stamping I put Vitamin A+C cream with aloe vera on my face. Just before the stamping I cleaned my face. You can't believe how my heart was pumping, but as I started the stamping I noticed it didn't hurt at all. A minimal amount of bleeding. After the stamping I applied Vitamin C serum with L-Ascorbic acid on my face and my face turned very red. I took some pics of my scars before the session and will take some pics later.
  13. You are overreacting dude... can't even see any scars on the pictures. You make it sound like you got severe acne scars, you dont. There are better pics of scars in his other thread. First pic Second Yeah, there are scars but in normal lightning your skin looks very good, chico23!
  14. Thanks for replying, tj101. I believe I need to use serums instead of creams. I'm pretty much an amateur when it comes to this so I ask, what's the difference between creams and serums?