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  1. you dont look like you need to treat your acne because its very mild. i think the bp is irritating your skin and making it look very red. try moisturizing more.

  2. I guess I'll be ordering Dan's BP asap. Mine is probably irritating my face because its a wash. -_-;
  3. I visited my dermatologist a few months ago, and he perscribed a Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 5%. I've been using it as part of the regimen, but I think its too strong. My face burns really bad. Am I doing the regime wrong? Am I not suppose to use 5%?!
  4. Day 4 My face feels like its on fire. I think the Benzoyl Peroxide 5% is way too much for my senstive face. It feels like its about to fall off (my face, that is). I just applied my Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for sensitive skin and it hasn't cooled my face at all. I want to continue the regimen, but I'm going to have to buy Dan's BP asap. I can't put up with this much longer.
  5. xSparkage

    The Regime

    This my my gallery, obviously. I'm traking my progress and hoping to see fantastic results. :)
  6. I'm SO glad I found this site. I started the regimen, two days ago. So far, I only do it once a day; after my shower. I made a video for Day 1 and plan on making more along the way. My YT username is LittleMonster291, you'll find my videos there.