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  1. Isotretinoin Skincare Regimen I hope this is helpful for someone just starting! Or gives them ideas of what to expect. Background info that is important: When I first got on Isotretinoin I was told I would need to use only Cetaphil and intense moisturizers. What I found is that I hated the Cetaphil, it left a sort of film on my face (I think it's supposed to but I hated it.) So I searched for something that actually left my face feeling clean. The Aveda Cleanser is perfect, it has Jojoba Oil
  2. Hi everyone, not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but ok! I'm a brand new member but have secretly been creeping around this website for years...I am 19 now, probably started browsing here around age 15 but I never made an account out of laziness. Just want to start out by saying that the Accutane logs on this website are what helped me make the decision to start on Accutane, everyone's stories are so hopeful! I will be starting Accutane (actually some form of generic I suppose sinc