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  1. that stuff is too strong for my skin...i can only use mild cleaners.
  2. The pores on my nose are horribly clogged up. I wash with mild soap and use benziclin as my regimen. However I cant seem to unclog my pores. I need some advice please!
  3. Ok I was on the Benzaclin + Retin-A regimen for about 3 or 4 months, and my face is alot better, small zit every now and then. My question is I dont want to keep spending money on Retin-A and Bezaclin if I can just do simple preventive matenence, IE wash, tone, BP. So can anyone give me some ideas? Or do I gotta keep using my Rx stuff?
  4. This is what my derm prescribed to me. I have been on this for about 1 moth and a few weeks, my face is pretty red, like I went snow skiing or something! But it is working....
  5. The red marks go away with time, scars look like indentions on the face, just look at bill murray's face. The medicine you are taking now is probably just in its worse stage, what i mean by that is the medicine is cleaning out the pours by pushing the sit (bacteria) out of the pour. It should get better in time. Thats my .2 cent