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  1. Clinique does an anti comedogenic sun screen, I can't remember the name but it is a yellow container
  2. baby shampoo- cheap and won't sting your eyes!
  3. Jergens has a cream for the face which is a gradual self tanner but non comedogenic, so will not cause acne. Clinique also has a self sun brand for face and body that is non comedogenic. If you want an instant tan, Smashbox has a bronzing primer which can be worn under makeup and can help smooth out the skin Hope this helped!
  4. Hey, So I am not a guy but I do have a few suggestions for you. First off how old are you? If you are young then you could pull off the Justin Bieber look. But here are some more options for you... I would suggest going to a barbers/hairdressers and just asking for bangs or a fringe. Hope this helps!
  5. Good luck! Let us know how it works for you!
  6. I just updated it about my appointment today!
  7. Hi everyone, So i have been a guest on this website for well over a year, and have finally joined today. I found this website during my mass research on accutane, which i did take. I have kept coming back to the site due to the scarring that I now have. (Not necessarily due to accutane, but more likely the years of picking and acne combined.) So I am 8 months post accutane and about ready to start my scar treatment journey. Yes i know most treatments require 1 year post. But i feel it is okay