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  1. Tazorac and Roaccutane are both retinoid drugs which are derivatives of Vitamin A. The only difference is that Tazorac is topical and Roaccutane is an oral/systemic preparation. They both work by speeding up the differentiation of the epithelial cells which make up the outer layer of the skin. So to answer your question they will work in harmony rather than counteracting each other. This is why your skin can get excessively dry if you use both together. I think that article link is a little uncl
  2. They must have taken that off the leaflet because I just re-read mine and it doesn't mention that. I am making sure I am only using a small pea-sized amount and it still curls up. Oh well I guess, just hope it still works
  3. I don't think my face is too dry and I haven't had any irritation. My skin is very tolerant as I've been using various acne products for over 10 yrs and before the RetinA was on differin with minimal dryness. It is the Retin A that peels off not my skin. I am a bit wary of not applying the moisturiser until the morning as my skin does feel a bit tight after applying the retinA and don't want to wake up with my skin peeling off as well as the Retin A! It was better last night after doing what fou
  4. I have been using Retin A 0.01% gel for 2 weeks and I also find that it starts curling up and areas peel off almost like a peel off face mask. I wash my face with cetaphil cleanser, wait around 15 mins, apply retin A then wait at least 30 mins before applying cetaphil moisturiser. I find when I look in the mirror to put the moisturiser on, bits of the retinA are peeling off and once I have put the moisturiser on (I try just to pat it on and not rub) the retinA has formed clumps which look really
  5. Hey I found this link for you from an old message board about retinoids, hope this helps! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/retinoids...st-t174045.html
  6. Hi I know you posted this ages ago but I only just saw it! I started using Murad a couple of years ago after seeing it advertised while in America visiting my in-laws. I found it just ok. I like the products and found a slight improvement (much better than other things I've tried like clearsil/clean+clear etc) but they never totally cleared me up. That might just be me though as my skin is very stubborn! The thing two things I do still use are the Oil-control mattifier (spf 15) and the skin perf
  7. I understand you are angry that you have had a reaction to your facial wash-I'm sure I would be too but there is not need to be so antagonistic to people who are only trying to offer their opinion and help to you. To answer your question no I don't work for neutrogena (lol) and was on this forum for other reasons and saw your post and thought the fact that I also used a version of the same product meant I might be able to offer my opinion too! I also have a medical background so which means I h
  8. Yeah I find that you think you look OK until you catch sight of yourself in a different mirror and realize things are not as good as you thought! Also those magnifying mirrors are just pure evil! I think they should be banned lol!You get sucked into looking and then notice all the imperfections that you would probably never have seen otherwise! Avoid at all costs!
  9. I agree with Wynne unfortunately you can develop allergies out of nowhere and don't necessarily have to be an allergy-prone person to have a reaction. The products are all thoroughly tested for any serious complications before being generally released but of course there can be things that slip through the net and are not picked up until the product starts to be used in larger numbers by the general population. I'm sure Neutrogena would be glad to be informed of your issues with it as obviously
  10. You're welcome- I'm from the UK so not totally sure where you can get all the stuff in the USA. Think Walgreens do the cetaphil but they only seem to have the 10% BP. Like Lullies said you could get Dan's 2.5% BP online from this website or might have to search around a bit.
  11. I find the cetaphil moisturizing lotion a little heavy and tend to only use it overnight. I use Murad perfecting lotion or oil-control matifier during the day. (The Murad oil-control matifier is the best thing I've found for controlling my shine throughout the day). I am using Differin at night and 2.5% BP in the morning though so those both dry my skin out. Not sure about clinique cleansers I have always found them a bit harsh but might just be me. The cetaphil gentle cleanser is great. Good lu
  12. Could be combination skin like you say. I am the same- even after I wash my face it is shiny! I have just switched to using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizing lotion and found that surprisingly my face is a lot less shiny! Seems weird as I was using SA cleansers and oil control moisturizers previously and they were having no effect. Think those just over-dried my skin and it felt the need to produce extra oil to compensate! Now I'm using more pH balanced gentle products it seems better and takes
  13. Hi, You were asking about why you are only getting acne round your chin/mouth? The area on your face called your T-zone (forehead and strip down middle of face including nose and chin) is a common area to get acne, although people can get it anywhere unfortunately! The T-zone tends to produce more oil than the rest of your face and the bacteria that cause acne thrive in oily environments so tend to cause more acne in these areas. You are right-in lots of people hormones are to blame which is wh
  14. I tried it for a week using one third ACV to two thirds water. I was hoping it would fade old acne hyperpigmentation. I also found it very irritating- made my face red, dry and sore so I abandoned it. I know lots of people rave about it though so maybe worth a try, but go gently
  15. Hi, This could be a number of things ranging from a nasal polyp, chronic sinusitis, a furuncle or rarely something more serious. As you say it has been going on a long time, I would get down to the doctor so they can have a proper look. Hopefully it is something simple that can be easily treated but definitely worth getting checked out as it has been going on so long. Good luck